Private Parties

Are you planning an event? A wedding, a birthday or a graduation party…make your day special with your favourite music!


Get your Party's licence online

Planning to play copyrighted songs managed by SIAE? Register or login into SIAE Online Services and get your licence on Portale Feste Private.


How much does it cost? 

The price for the licence depends on the type of event, the way you use music (recorded or live) and, for weddings and other parties, on the number of participants.

You can either pay online though the Portale Feste Private or go to the SIAE office closest to the place of the event.

Choose the type of event below to read the price details.


Are you planning a birthday party? Don’t stress to much.. at least not over music!

Get your SIAE licence: all of our music to make everybody dance all night long!

It’s yours in a few minutes, through the Portale Feste Private.
Alternatively, you can get your licence going to the SIAE office closest to the place of the event.

What about the price?

The cost of SIAE licence for your birthday depends only on the way music will be used (live or recorded).

In case of recorded music (console, laptop, deejay etc.), you shall add to the copyright fees also the cost of neighbouring rights (the amount of money that will be allocated to  the phonographic producers and/or to the interpreters).

Birthday fees

Live music

€ 103

Recorded music

€ 135

Live and recorded music

€ 135

VAT included

Procedural Administrative Fees not included


P.S. If the event occurs more than 15 days before or after the birth date, the fees for “Other parties” shall apply.

SIAE licence for your party: simple, quick, online.