Offices and Contacts

SIAE is all around you! Find our offices in Italy and how to reach us for information or support.

SIAE Offices in Italy

You can find SIAE everywhere in Italy.
With her vast territorial network (10 Regional Offices, 28 Local Offices e 425 Agents) SIAE manages and protect her members’ works and carries out several activities in collaboration with private and public entities.


SIAE HQ is located in Viale della Letteratura 30, Roma (employers access only).

  • have a regional or interregional territorial competence;
  • represent SIAE on a local level;
  • manage, coordinate and control the activies of the other territorial points (Local Offices and Agents) falling within their jurisdictions, managing also the controversies there originated

Here you can find the 10 Regional Officies and their territorial jurisdiction:
Bari (Puglia e Basilicata), Bologna (Emilia Romagna e Marche), Cagliari (Sardegna), Firenze (Toscana), Milano (Lombardia), Napoli (Campania, Molise e Calabria), Palermo (Sicilia), Roma (Lazio, Abruzzo e Umbria), Torino (Piemonte, Liguria e Valle D'Aosta), Venezia (Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia e Trentino Alto Adige).

  • Local Offices and Agents deal with: 
  • issuing SIAE licences;
  • Musical Programmes;

Payment of the fees due for copyright and some neighbouring rights;
attività amministrativa e di informazione ai contribuenti in materia di adempimenti fiscali nel settore spettacolo/intrattenimento e regime L. 398/1991.

Find the SIAE Office closest to your event



SIAE Space

SIAE Space, located in Viale della Civiltà Romana 17 (Rome), is the place where creators can:

  • become members
  • deposit and declare their works
  • deposit unpublished work via the service “Deposito Opere Inedite”
  • deposit format via the service “Deposito Format”

SIAE Space is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 13:00
For further requests, set an appointment mailing to

For further services dedicated to authors and publishers, such as declaration of works after the first deposit, you can go to the Creators Desks SIAE present in the main Italian cities.
Where to find the Creators Desks in Italy.


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