Websites with background music or music as a complement

If you manage a website which does not use music as primary activity and which does not contain third party advertising, you fall within this category and can obtain the  AMCS Licence.

Such licence does not refer to: portals, web radios, ringtones sale, musical file downloading, etc.

To obtain your licence, register by typing the required data, fill in and send your request. After receiving the summary of your request for an overall check, you will be able to submit it, in order to receive the payment notice (MAV), through which the due fees can be paid without any bank charges. Once the fees have been paid, the licence will be effective and you will be enabled to use the musical works protected by SIAE. Within a few days from the payment you will receive the invoice and the licence number you have to report in your website.

The licence contract can be viewed for your information by clicking here.

Warning: in addition to the SIAE licence, if you use original recordings of musical works (taken from audio Cds, DVDs, Internet websites), it is necessary to directly contact the record companies to obtain their specific prior authorization.

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