Literary works on DVDs

If you are a producer of video carriers (DVDs, Blu Ray, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs , etc.),and you want to reproduce fims, telefilms, animated cartoons and audiovisual or multimedia products with background music, videogames, literary, theatrical, TV works, etc., before starting the copy reproduction of the master, you must  pay the fees due for the copyrights for recording, copy reproduction and commercial distribution of the copies. These activities are subject to the exclusive copyrights (articles 13 and 61 of the law nr. 633/1941).

 You must also know that:

if you reproduce cinematographic works and similar works on a carrier (films and short films of the cinematographic circuit; telefilms, fiction, animated cartoons, TV circuit series, etc.) you have to pay the fee due to authors according to art. 46bis of the law nr.633/1941, and pertaining to the authors of the screenplay, the storyline and the direction. In case of works not originally created in the Italian language, an equitable fee is due to the authors of the translation or adaptation of dialogues.

In order to reproduce TV, drama, literary works protected by SIAE, you have first of all ask for the authors’ or the entitled parties’ authorization, also through SIAE, referring to the corresponding Departments:

Opera Department for opera and choreographic works and their critical editions

O.L.A.F.Department for literary works

D.O.R. Department for drama, TV works,

According to art.181 bis of the Law nr. 633/1941, on the carriers SIAE stickers must be applied; these stickers have a unit cost of € 0.0310; if carriers are distributed freely or annexed to publications sold without increasing the price generally applied, the cost is reduced to € 0.0181.  

 (Decree of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers dated December 21th 2001).

The licence issued by SIAE:

concerns exclusively copyrights related to recording, reproduction and distribution of works only managed by SIAE, and the author retains the right to oppose any alteration, cut or other modification of his works (art. 20 and the subsequent ones of the Law Nr 633/1941).

It does not concern any possible synchronization rights of his works (first sound and image combination).

It does not concern the rights connected to the copyright (articles 72 and the following of the law nr. 633/1941), such as those pertaining to the original producer owner of the master recording (cinematograhic, TV, radio, etc.) or to artists and performers.

If you are asking for a licence for the first time, we ask you to read the information for the new phono/video producers.

You will have to fill in and sign the licence request in the DRV2 form, and then to scan the form and send it via email, with the annexes specified in the Instructions, to

The office DRM will answer by sending to your email address a message with the result of your request examination and the amount that you must pay.

After the payment, that you can make by Payment by Advice (payment against note) or wire transfer to:

Bank: Unicredit S.p.A.

Branch office: Roma Marconi - Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi, 24 Roma


IBAN: IT88 E 02008 05085 000103144782


you will receive the license confirmation and the invoice issued by the DRM office, referring to the payment.

SIAE stickers will be delivered to you via courier to the address specified in your request; you can have updated information about the delivery at the following telephone number:

In case of reprints, it will be enough to fill in and send to the DRM2RIS form, which you received with the first licence confirmation and at every following reprinting licence. The DRM2RIS is partially pre-filled and other attachments are not necessary.

To calculate the fees due, the different fee percentages provided for the different SIAE repertoires (music, drama, cinema, etc.) must be applied on the carrier invoicing price. In case of sale to the public with fixed price (printed on the package), the taxable price base is reconstructed by deducting the tax from the price fixed for the public and then reducing it of 30%.

The fee to be paid can never be lower than the minimum fees provided for each carrier/package, which are different according to the SIAE repertoire, type of usage and number of videos included. The minimum fees are applied also to the carriers provided for free.