Certified copies of tax documents for Siae counterparts

Release documents and attestations

SIAE releases certified copies "conformity to the original" of tax documents delivered to it within the collaboration with the Inland Revenue (mod. C1, SD1, distinct / box office returns, etc.).

SIAE also releases statements and substitute certificates and / or summary of these tax documents or certifications and tax data processing stored at their archives.

This activity is carried out at the request of Financial and Judicial Authority and the Ministry of Heritage and Activities Cultural, or even private parties for purposes mainly administrative.

Among the latter, the most numerous are those who perform theatrical, musical activities, dance and circus, which require SIAE documentations and certificates to be presented to the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, to complete requests for subsidies provided for by L. 30/04/1985, 163, according to the Ministerial Regulations.

For this purpose a specific form has been prepared. As regards, in particular, the demand for copies authenticated of the C1 models (and similar statements), interested parties may use the Form 84, while organizers of circus activities must submit to the central government services duly completed Form 954, which then Service will return after having validated.