Certifications Public Software Register

At the Public Registry for the Software may be registered all the computer programs published that meet the requirements of originality and creativity such that they can be identified as original works.

In addition you can record all the deeds transferring all or part of the economic rights relating to programs for which the registration has already taken place. They can also be recorded acts constituting real rights of enjoyment or guarantee of the program's economic rights, and acts of division or the rights of companies utilization.

"The special register, statements and attached documents are public, to the exclusion of copy of the program" (Art. 7 D.P.C.M. 244/94).

And 'the person can then make or request for searches and matching searches for records and documents, obtain certifications and copies of the statements and documents attached. For the research, the computer file of the Registry, has access to the program title, author's name or the owner of the economic rights in the program, the name of registrant.

A request written in the special application form must be sento SIAE,which will apply a virtual duty stamp of € 16.00 on it, to be paid by the depositing party. Such form must be duly filled in and signed in full in the original copy by the applicant.

The applicant will also have to pay for the fixed author’s rights in cash or by bank cheque, or by transfer on the post current account nr. 76808005 (specifying the reason).

In case the applicant file his application personally, the payment of the author’s rights can be effected by SIAE offices; in case instead, the mail service is used, the payment will take place by transfer on the post current account nr. 76808005 opened in the name of SIAE, Sezione OLAF , Viale della Letteratura,

30 - 00144 Roma and one of the parts of the postal payment slip (the certification) must be enclosed to the documents sent. As regards the certified copies SIAE must be refunded of an amount equal to a duty stamp to apply every pages photocopied and certified (Decree of the Pres. of the Republic dated 30/12/92, nr.995 updated by the Ministerial Decree dated 20/9/93).

- For each file search of registration Euros 18.99 (the virtual duty stamp of  € 16.00 included)

- For each file search of documents or acts euros 27.95 (the virtual duty stamp of € 16,00 included)

- For each certified copy of registrations or of documents or acts euro 0.60each page, besides the related file search dues.

The payment can be effected by transfer on the following current accounts:

UNICREDIT SpA – Roma Caravaggio – V.Le Caravaggio, 47 – 00147 Roma

IBAN: IT 03 A 02008 05276 000002906956

BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1MQ4 (per pagamento dall’estero)

Banco Posta – POSTE ITALIANE SpA – Poste Centro – Viale Europa, 175 – 00144 Roma

IBAN: IT75 Y 07601 03200 000076808005

BIC SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX (per pagamenti dall’estero)

POST CURRENTACCOUNT Nr. 76808005 opened in the name of SIAE – PUBBLICO REGISTRO SW

Incase of transfer it is necessary that it shows the CRO number

The opening times to the public are the following: fromMonday to Friday, from 9.15 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. In the afternoon,fromMonday toThursday, from 3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

WARNING: the direct payment modes by the office of the General Directorate in Rome  (Viale della Letteratura, 30) are the following:

in the morning, the payment can be effected in cash or by personal bank cheque by the desk of the Public Cinematographic Register (3rd floor) from 9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. or by the Office for the Deposit of Unpublished Works by POS.

Starting from 12.30 p.m. until 13.15 p.m. and during the afternoon opening time (from Monday toThursday, from 15.00 p.m.to 16.30p.m.) the payment can be also effected by the Office for the Deposit of Unpublished Works only by POS (ATM or credit card).