SIAE has an active part in contrasting reproduction activities and unlawful dissemination of creative works, as defined by Art. 182a of law no. 633/1941

The SIAE in fact has been entrusted with some supervisory tasks to prevent and detect infringements of the legislation on Authors’ Rights, especially as regards broadcasting, reprographics, resale rights, private copying and unlawful duplication of sound and video support systems.

Employees of the Anti-Piracy Service collaborate directly with law enforcement by participating in Control operations with the qualification of auxiliary police; performing intelligence activities through the collection and the verification of news and reports concerning incidents of piracy, whether they take place on the traditional markets, or on more recent markets such as those of web exploitation, and making technical reports and presenting sworn experts on behalf of the Judicial Authorities also with the use of modern techniques of computer forensics.
Its employees are also responsible for managing the data between the forces of the law relating to the seizure operations carried out on Italian territory, in collaboration with the State Police Criminal Analysis Service for the Home Ministry.
In addition, the Anti-Piracy Service sector has a direct interface with the Regulatory Authority in Communications (AGCOM) by virtue of the tasks entrusted to the SIAE, since last March 31, 2014, following the adoption of Regulations for the protection of the Copyright Law on electronic communication networks.

This instrument of protection of intellectual property on the network functions alongside but does not replace the work of law enforcement and allows beneficiaries or legal holders - among whom is included the SIAE itself - to present AGCOM with the cases for blocking sites that breach the copyright regulations online.