Authorization for the use of music with or without dancing in recreation centres and pro locos (local centres for the promotion of the territory)

The Authorization by the tariff payment of the author’s right authorizes the use of music for musical entertainment, with or without dancing,which takes place in:

Recreation centres: within the rooms where the centre has its seat or in the rooms made available for the centre, with admission riserve for members and their relatives only, as well as for the members of other recretion centres all belonging to the same National organization;

Pro locos (local centres for the promotion of the territory): Main square festivals organized by pro locos

The author’s right tariff to pay varies according to the following elements:
Free or not free entertainment
Number of the centre associate members (as regards ricreation centres); the organizing entity/performance points/number of days on which shows really take place (as regards pro locos)

For the members of trade associations which have subscribed specific agreements with SIAE, tariff reductions are provided.

To undersign the authorization and for further information you can refer to SIAE Territorial Offices.

For the use of recorded music the tariffs connected to the phonographic producers are also due. As regards musical entertainments without dance in public establishments and places, SIAE, by mandate received by the associations representing phonographic producers, carries out the activity of tariff collection.