If you are an Author, a Composer, a Publisher, a Performer or a Phonographic Producer and you wish to promote your repertoire on the sites you own, the Self Promotion licence for Authors and Music Publishers (AAEM) and the Self Promotion licence for Performers and Phonographic Producers (AAPF) are available.

These license can be directly requested through the online services of SIAE.

Thanks to the fast automatic procedure, you will easily receive your quote  with the summary of your request for the license, before submitting it. Once you have submitted your request, the bank transfer form will be automatically generated for the payment of the fees without bank charges. After the payment you will receive the confirmation of your licence and the invoice for the amount paid.
The licence contracts for Authors and Music Publishers (AAEM) or Performers and Phonographic Producers (AAPF) can be viewed for  your information.