Carrier importations

In case of an activity of importation on the Italian territory, of any kind of carrier such as for example:

- CDs, Videoclips, Live Concerts in DVDs, Vynyl records, etc.;

- Films and audiovisuals in DVDs, Blu-Ray, CD-ROMs etc;

- Musical gadget and toys, musical greeting cards, etc.;

- USB pen drives/microchips/memory cards containing prerecorded memories with musical works, etc.;

legally produced abroad and meant for distribution to private users, according to art.181 bis of the

Law nr. 633/1941 Law nr. 633/1941, each carrier must bear a SIAE' sticker; these stickers have a unit cost of € 0.0310; if carriers are distributed free of charge, or free distributed with a magazine or a newspaper (covermounts), the cost is reduced to € 0.0181.

(Decree of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers dated December 21th 2001). 

As regards the carriers containing works of the repertoires managed by SIAE:

- if legally produced and coming from Countries members of the European Union, licensed in the Country of origin, SIAE will only provide for the issue of the stickers, and the collection, where applicable, of the flat fees of  €

0.0168 provided for the adapters of the cinematographic works and similar works.

- if legally produced in a Country being not member of the European Union, or legally produced in a Country member of the European Union, but with author’s right tariffs to be paid in the destination country,SIAE grants- besides the use of stickers-also a licence for the distribution right on the Italian territory (art. 17 Law nr.


The licence issued by SIAE:

concerns exclusively copyright related to recording, reproduction and distribution of works only managed by SIAE, and the author retains the right to oppose any alteration, mutilation or other modification of his works (art. 20 and the following ones of the Law Nr 633/1941).

It does not concern any possible synchronization rights of his works (first sound and image combination).

It does not concern related rights (articles 72 and following of the law nr. 633/1941), such as those pertaining to the owner of the master recording or to the performers.

- It does not concern the right of using the works in association with good or a service, without express authorization of its rightholders.

For CDs, Videoclips, Live concerts in DVD, Vinyl records, Films and audiovisuals in DVD, Blu-Ray, CD-ROMs etc.

Before importing, it is necessary to fill in and sign the licence application in the IC Form, that must be scanned and sent by email to, together with the following attachments: invoice/clearance certificate, list of carriers/packing list and, only if the rights have been previously paid, the documents confirming the lawfulness of carriers.

The importer will receive at  his email address, the answer of the DRM  reporting the result of the application examination and the amount to pay. You can make payment with payment by advice (MAV) by bank transfer to:

Bank: Unicredit S.p.A.

Branch Office: Roma Marconi - Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi, 24 Roma


IBAN: IT88 E 02008 05085 000103144782


After having made the payment, the importer will receive by email the licence and the invoice issued by the DRM office, if provided, referring to the payment. You will receive SIAE stickers by courier,  to the address specified in your application; you can have updated information about the delivery by calling the following phone number:

For USB, chips, memory cards including pre-recorded memories with musical works, gadgets and musical toys,

Musical greeting cards, etc., the importer has to take prior contact with SIAE offices communicating all the useful information about the importation operation to the following address:

The offices will communicate the procedures about stickers and fees to be paid for the copyrights, if they are due

Tariffs can be applied to the carriers including works of repertoires managed by SIAE legally produced in a non-EU country, and to carriers legally produced in EU countries but with author’s right tariffs to be paid to the final country.

For the importations of CDROMs, DVDs, Blu-Ray devices, etc., flat fees are provided as follows:


Flat fees for each device for CDs, Videoclips, Live concerts
Album CD, Album DVD, etc.: € 0,50 for single CD, single DVD, etc.: € 0,25


Flat fees for each device for important movie and audiovisual (DVD, Blu-Ray, CD-ROM) 
Album CD, Album DVD, etc.: € 0,50 fiar tariff adapters, if owed: € 0,25