Stickers on book title pages

The SIAE stickers applied on book title pages is aimed at making it easy for the authors of the books themselves, to recognize the number of copies printed by the publisher, according to what provided by art. 123 of the law nr. 633/1941 and by art. 12 of the Royal Decree dated May 18th 1942, n. 1369 - Regulaments for the implementation of the law dated April 22nd 1941, nr. 633.

As a rule, the application of the sticker is regulated within the publication contract signed by the publisher and the author together and represents an instrument of control for the author of the print run carried out by the publisher.

The service is carried out by SIAE on request of the book publishers, and all the authors, being both SIAE members or not can enjoy it. On each request made by the publisher, SIAE provides for sending each author/translator/editor mentioned in the request, a document (form 225) to certify to the addressee the number of stickers issued to the publisher for each book published.

The SIAE sticker to be applied on the book title pages must not be confused with the sticker that SIAE issues for application on CDs, DVDs, etc, which is obligatory according to art.181 bis of the law 633 of 1941, even if the one used in the book sector is of the same kind used in the audio and video sector, and like the latter shows to have anticounterfeiting characteristics (SIAE logo made by thermoreactive ink, microprint visible by magnification, preprinted and undeletable number, impossibility of being photocopied, scanned and removed once it has been applied, etc.) which make it impossibile to be falsified and unusable.

On each sticker, marked by a progressive number, the data identifying the work (title of the work, author, publisher) and the control code are printed.

- The application form has to be filled in and signed by the book’s publisher in the RVFL Form, scanned and sent via e-mail to

It is recommended to report what is requested in the mandatory fields of the form (marked with an asterisk).Therefore, in the RVFL form, specific fields for reporting the e-mail of each author/translator/editor are provided. The communication of these addresses will allow the sending of form 225 without extra shipping cost.

- The DRM office will answer by sending to the email address of the publisher a message containing the result of your request examination and the amount that you must pay.

- After the payment, which you can make by payment by advice (MAV) or bank transfer to:

Bank: Unicredit S.p.A.
Branch office: Roma Marconi  -  Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi, 24 Roma
IBAN:  IT88 E 02008 05085 000103144782

The publisher will receive by e-mail the invoice issued by the DRM office.
SIAE stickers will be delivered to you via courier to the address specified in your request; you can have updated information about the delivery at the following telephone number:

The online service of book stickering allows book publishers to make via web the requests of stickers for the books, optimizing processing and delivery times. Furthermore, the publishers registered in the portal can easily view how many and which requests have been sent, for how many stickers, and can also know about the processing status (or the delivery status).

To access the online service, it is necessary to sign the Agreement with SIAE which regulates its. The Agreement will have to be printed, filled in and signed in duplicate. With attachments like a copy of the Chamber of Commerce report and a copy of the ID of the legal representative, it must be sent to the email address and by registered letter to:

SIAE - Direzione Generale
Mercato Fonovideografico e Antipirateria
Viale della Letteratura, 30 – 00144 ROMA

In the procedure of online sticker request, specific fields to fill in, are provided for the emails of each author/translator/editor. The communication of these data will allow the sending of form 225 without extra shipping costs.

Supplies < 1000 stickers (min 500 stickers) every 100 stickers euro 1,80

For sticker supplies above 500, the tariffs has to be proportional to the real number of stickers requested,  rounding off to one hundred less or more, depending on the 100 fraction reaching or overcoming 50 units.

Supplies >= 1000 stickers every 100 stickers euro 1,55

For the supply of 1,000 or over stickers, the tariffs has to be proportional the real number of stickers requested, rounding off to one hundred less or more, depending on the 100 fraction reaching or overcoming 50 units.