Local TV broadcasting companies

If you are the manager of a National or local radio or TV broadcasting company, you need a licence to use the works included in the following Repertoires managed by SIAE: Music, DOR-Opera, OLAF.

To obtain it you need to contact:

- the Radiotelevision Broadcasting companies of the SIAE General Directorate Offices, if the broadcasting takes place at a national level;

the seat of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers being competent for the territory, if the broadcasting takes place at a local level.

The General Licence Conditions of SIAE for local TV broadcasting companies contain provisions and specific tariffs for the usage of the different Repertoires managed. In particular:

- for the usage of the works included in the Repertoire managed by the Music Division, the payment of a tariff determined as a percentage on the yearly proceeds related to the activity of broadcasting activity .The tariff percentages – reported in the Tables enclosed to the General Licence Conditions-depend on the amount and typology of the music typically included in the programme schedule of the broadcasting station, also in relation to the usage of other Repertoires or contents;

- the tariffs related to the usages of the works included in the Repertoires DOR-Opera and OLAF managed by SIAE, are mainly proportional to the yearly proceeds of sale of the broacasting company as well as to the duration of uses.

The Licence forms to be used take into account: the broadcasting means used (Radio/Television), the territorial area concerned by the radiotelevision broadcasting activity (National(/local/ ) and finally, the technical modality with which the broadcasting (DDT/free to air satellite/satellite encrypted) is carried out.

Remember that in the Licence subject no rights are included, either because they are not entrusted to SIAE intermediation (and then they are referred to direct negotiation with the entitled parties) or because, even if they have been entrusted to SIAE, they must be regulated in a separate and different contract.

As an example and with reference to the contract clauses:

synchronization right;

connected rights;

rights concerning radio and television broadcasting (art.79 LdA);

the right pertaining to the authors of cinematograhic works or to similar works according to art.46 of the Law on the author’s rights (for which the Cinema Section of SIAE must be contacted, in order to undersign a separate Agreement);

the right of making on line in streaming on demand contents available to the public, of downloading, catch up and web casting, the broadcasting of contents by web radios and web TVs included (for which a special separate Licence must be undersigned together  with the SIAE Multimedia Office).

General Licence Conditions for local television broadcasting companies