Uses of Literary Works Online

The SIAE, in order to control the use of Italian literary works entrusted to its protection on Internet sites, has prepared four Experimental License types to cover the reading and recitation of literary works and in particular:

1. license for reproduction only in free streaming (without the possibility of downloading);

2. license for reproduction in streaming with payment (no downloading);

3. license for reproduction with a free download;

4. license for reproduction with paid downloads.

SIAE issues licenses to users who request them, on a case by case basis according to the different situations and taking into account the current types of Internet sites, which often operate for merely promotional purposes.

The authorizations are issued under the editorial responsibility (content provider) of the sites and cover the reproduction (uploading)of the works managed by the SIAE in the Internet Service Provider database (ISP) and their dissemination over the electronic networks

The authorization, as in all cases where protected works are used, must be granted by the SIAE before the dissemination of the works on the net.

Being the principal elements for the determination of the compensation due, it will be necessary to provide, at the time of the authorization requested, a list of the works of the authors and editors and any translators used along with the frequency of their use (time in minutes and seconds of the reproduction) in addition to the expected period (months and days) of their presence on the network.

To receive more information or clarification on this matter you can contact the OLAF Section at the following e-mail: