Deejay licences

In your deejay activity you often need to transfer music from CDs, LPs or digital original files on virgin carriers,PCs, hard disks, digital memories, in order to use these personalized copies during your working activity. The copies you make in this way, meant for public use, do not fall within the definition of “private copy”, contained in article 71-sexies of law nr.633/1941, which allows the "only private reproduction for sole no profit personal uses and without any direct or indirect commercial purposes”, but they rather fall within the definition of “working copies” and as such they must be authorized by the right holders, and then by SIAE on behalf of the authors and publishers of the reproduced musical pieces. The Deejay licence issued by SIAE: -does not concern the rights connected to the author’s right (articles 72 and the following of the law nr. 633/1941), such as those pertaining to the original producer owner of the master recording (cinematograhic, TV, radio, etc.) or to artists and performers. -does not concern the author’s rigt fees that must be paid by whom organized the show/evening/event into which you take part as deejay, but only those deriving from the recording of the working copies (art. 13 and 61 of the law nr. 633/1941). - allows the deejay to transfer up to 2,500/6,000 working copies, according to the fee range chosen. - has a validity of 365 days starting from the payment day. - can be used only after having declared the working copies and after having obtained the Licence Certificate, a document certifying the legitimacy of the working copies,which must be exhibited in case of inspections.

There are two ways to obtain a Deejay Licence:

You can make your request from home connecting to the Online Services SIAE Portal

You can request a Deejay Licence by personally going to a one-stop shop of SIAE territorial network.


Two fee ranges are provided, proportionally to the amount of work copies that you foresee to make in a year:
A – Up to 2,500 work copies: € 200,00 + VAT
B - From 2,501 to 6,000 work copies: € 400,00 + VAT
For disk jockey association members, a decrease of 15% is provided.
For both fee categories, administration fees are due (€ 10,00 + VAT).