Dance school music

The authorization for the use of background music allows the use of music protected by SIAE in ballet and dance schools, as a complement of classical, contemporary, jazz and dance courses and dance recitals. The music by radio, televisions, CDs etc., is instrumental for the carrying out of the activities of the school.

As regards the background music used only for teaching purposes, the tariff for the author’s rights is paid by a yearly subscription. Such subscription also includes the payment due for two dance yearly recitals performed by the students with free admission.

For those belonging to trade associations which have undersigned specific agreements with SIAE tariff reductions are provided.

To undersign the authorization and for further information you can refer to  SIAE Territorial Offices.

Nota bene: the authorization for using music in  dance schools is not issued in case the number of dance recitals overcomes the number of two recitals or they are recitals for which an admission is provided.For such types of utilization an authorization for concerts,musical festivals and dance shows is required.