Background music in shops and in the Big Distribution outlets

The authorization for the use of protected background music  is given by SIAE for the music played in  places of business such as supermarkets, clothing shops, giftware shops and playing rooms. The music by radio, televisions, CDs etc., is meant for making customers’ stay in shops more pleasant.

As regards the background music, the tariff for the author’s right is paid by a yearly or a periodical subscription, for an amount changing according to the type and number of playing sets used and the surface of the place where the music is played. For the members of trade associations which have subscribed specific agreements with SIAE, tariff reductions are provided.

Nota bene: the authorization to use background music does not include the other types of use which can be found in bars, shops and restaurants, such as, for example, musical events, shows, etc.

To undersign the authorization and for further information you can refer to  SIAE Territorial Offices.