Background music in accommodation facilities

The authorization for the use of protected background music  is given by SIAE for the music played in common spaces and in each room of the accommodation structures such as, for example, hotels, tourist resorts and bed & breakfast structures. The music by radio, televisions, CDs etc., is meant for making the stay of guests by the above said structures, more pleasant.

As regards the background music, the tariff for the author’s right is paid by means of a yearly or periodic subscription amounting to a sum varying according to the type and number of playing sets used and to other parameters such as stars as regards hotels and similar accommodation structures. As regards the members of trade associations that have undersigned specific agreements with SIAE, tariff reductions are provided.


SIAE’s authorization to use background music does not include other kinds of uses which can be, for example, dance parties and live performances.

We remember that as regards the use of recorded music, also tariffs are due for the rights involved and pertaining to photo producers.SIAE is delegated to carry out also the activity of collectiing such tariffs.