Background music in public establishments

The use of background music is authorized in public establishments such as, for example, bars and restaurants. The music by radio, televisions, etc., and is meant for making customers spend more pleasant moments in these places, also thanks to it. The tariff for the author’s right of background music is paid by a yearly or periodical subscription, amounting to a sum of money that can vary according to the type and number of playing sets used and the specific characteristics of the place where the music is played.

For those joining the trade associations that have undersigned specific agreements with SIAE tariff reductions are provided.

The authorization to use background music does not include other types of music which can be used in public establishments, such as, for example, dance parties and live performances, because in these cases music does not fuction as a soundtrack in places, but it is a means of attraction for customers. Further information on the tariffs that can be applied for these types of uses are available by the territorial Offices.

We remember you that as regards the use of background music in public establishment also tariffs for other related rights, that is those due to phonographic producers are to be paid. SIAE is also entraste with the collection of such tariffs