Why should I apply for a licence?

Intellectual works are protected by author’s right legislation. For this reason, a licence is needed in order to lawfully use and reproduce a work as user. The fees required cover the remuneration for those who conceived and created a work, adding value to the entire creative industry.

Why should I choose SIAE?

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More than 150 Author's Societies
entrusted the protection of their repertoires in Italy to SIAE.
Over 500.000 usersuse SIAE repertoires.

Apply for a licence in four steps

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Find out which licence
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Apply for the licence through
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What do I have to do to use a reproduction of a work of visual art?

In order to reproduce a work of visual art, whatever the means of reproduction used (printing, lithography, photography, etc.) you need to ascertain whether or not the work is protected by law, then request and obtain the permission of the author or his heirs and pay the relevant tariffs for the authors’ rights.

Can the holders of authors’ rights prohibit representations?

Yes, they may prohibit them or issue authorizations with limitations on the time and place, the choice of the performers and directors, the drafting of the text.

Can I freely use a work fallen into the public domain?

The use of an original work fallen into the public domain is free (it is not, that is, subject to either authorization or payment of royalties). You must, however, be certain that you do not use the work in an elaborated version or translated by a listed author. In this case the processing/translation is protected.

What is the SIAE endorsement that I find on the title pages of books?

The SIAE endorsement affixed on books should not be confused with the one intended for support systems. The purpose of the book endorsement is to let the author of the book know the number of copies printed by the publisher. This endorsement service for books is done by the SIAE on behalf of all authors, even if they are not their members.