Synchronization music/image on carrier

Synchronization is the first combination between music and image in an audiovisual work: for example a film, a documentay film, a short film, a sequence of fixed or moving images. Before synchronizing musical works with a film or images, it is necessary to ask the authors and publishers of works for the authorization for this specific use.

This aspect of the author’s right does not is not included in the assignement that the associate members give to SIAE; the authorization in question, generally, is directly issued by the authors and publishers of the muscal tracks.

If you are a Producer of a video carrier (DVDs, BLU RAY, CDROMs, etc.) you can apply for a SIAE licence:

- both for reproducing on a carrier already existing film, made and synchronized by third parties, from which you have purchased the exploitation rights in home video: the most typical case is that of the reproduction of cinema theatre films on carriers.

- and for reproducing films you have made yourself, meant for circulating on carriers.

In the latter case, then, you are the one who first carries out the matching of the musical work with the images, and therefore it is your duty, before creating the master carrier, to ask SIAE for the necessary stamps and licence for copy duplication, to obtain the authorization for synchronization from the authors and publishers of the musical works, as well as all the other authorizations (use of masters, related rights with artists and performers…) by the respective right holders.

SIAE offers you music catalogues (so called “Production Music”), especially created for the synchronisation with images, to reproduce on DVDs, CD-ROMs, Blu Ray devices etc., both for being distributed to the public and for private usage, for a business and a promotional use.

The agreement between SIAE and many music publishersbeing leaders in Italy as regards Production Music has made available a variety of Catalogues of sound track music for whom produces audio-visual carriers. It regards the following Libraries: Beat Records, Dipiù, Effemme Records, EMI, Fairwood Music, Flippermusic, Fridge Italia, Idyllium, Intervox Italiana, Italian Way Music, Machiavelli-Jolnoir, Multimediamusic, New Team, Numerotre, Opensound, Palan, Pentaflowers, Sifare, Soundiva, Vinile and 1st Pop.

The synchronisation rights for the musical tracks included in these Libraries are given with fixed tariffs, which are the same for all the musical tracks: Producers, authorities, service agencies etc. can obtain, with an only request to SIAE at pre-fixed and quantifiable costs, all the necessary authorizations to make audio-visual legal carriers, including the related rights.


The supply of Production Music recordings by musical publishers is not valid as licence.

Together with the PM licence, the licence for the author’s rights to reproduce copies has also to be requested to the SIAE DRM office, by using the forms prescribed for Film e audio-visuals on DVDs, CD-ROMs etc. (Background music for Educational audio-visuals).

The licence for Production Music which includes the increase to use of it in websites does not include the author’s rights to use the video in the websites themselves. The corresponding license has to be requested to SIAE Multimedia Office.

The synchronisation licence specifically for wedding videos allows professional photographers and video operators to access a repertoire of about 900 recordings of musical compositions, at clear and particularly reasonable prices, for the addition of a soundtrack to the video of wedding ceremonies reproduced in a carrier.

To this purpose, the music publishers owners of the recording and of the synchronisation rights for the repertoires of production music managed by SIAE have created the Production Music Box, a five CD-ROM kit with about 150/200 musical tracks each, recorded in MP3 format, which can be used in the video editing both on MAC and on PC.

The kit is delivered for free to the video operators who request the licence for Wedding ceremony Videos: by the payment/confirmation of the licence, video-operators are allowed to synchronize only the musical tracks included in the kit.
Information and instructions, and the form to request an additional copy of the kit, can be found in the folder “Instructions”, which is in every CD-ROM.
The licence includes a guaranteed a minimun payment in the amount of the remuneration due for 15 carriers. The unit licence cost is referred to each carrier (or copy) provided to: moreover, for each stamp issued by SIAE to be put on the carriers, a tariff of € 0,031 is due according to D.P.C.M. (Decree of the Chairman of the Councilof Ministers) dated 21st December, 2001.

Any other usage of the musical tracks included in the Production Music Box other than those provided for synchronisation in wedding ceremony videos is not included in the Wedding ceremony Video licence. If you wish to use one or more musical tracks included in the kit in order to synchronize them in institutional, editorial video carriers, to be used for fairs, for business, etc., you can request the Production Music licence to SIAE.

Production Music
The PM form, together with the forms provided for Film and audio-visuals on DVDs, CD-ROMs etc. (Background music for educational audio-visuals) has to be scanned and sent via e-mail to

In the PM form the following must be specified: the musical compositions titles to be used, the denomination of the Production Music Library they belong to and the duration in seconds of each use.

Wedding ceremony Videos
DRV2.WED form has to be filled in, scanned and sent to The box set including the musical works to be used will be sent to your postal address.

In both cases, the DRM office will answer sending to your email address a message with the result of your request examination and the amount you must pay. After the payment, that you can make by payment by advice (MAV) or bank transfer to:

Bank: Unicredit S.p.A.
Branch office: Roma Marconi  -  Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi, 24 Roma
IBAN:  IT88 E 02008 05085 000103144782

You will receive the license confirmation and the invoice issued by the DRM office.

Reprints and further productions
In case of reprints of carriers, for which you have already obtained the Production Music licence, additional tariffs for the Production Music itself are not required, but only the author’s rights and the separate tariff for SIAE stamps are required, see Film and audio-visuals on DVDs, CD-ROMs etc.
As regards Wedding ceremony Videos, remember that the payment a guaranteed minimum tariff provided for each licence, concerns the reproduction of 15 carriers (or copies). For additional carriers and copies up to 15, and the related SIAE stamps, you will have to send a new request.



Synchronization in wedding videos For each support Minimum guaranteed for license (15 supports)
Standard tariff € 18 € 270,00

Reduced tariff for Associates
Confartigianato/ SIAF.CNA

€ 13,50 € 202,50