Reading in Public

If you want to use (that i sto have recited or read in public, reproduced on audio CD, DVD or any other mechanic carrier), broadcast by radio, television or on the Internet) literary works protected by the law, which have been created by authors who have entrusted SIAE with their protection, you have to obtain, first of all, the authorization of the Society.

The Italian law (law nr.633/1941) protects the works created by living authors or by authors died less than 70 years ago:many of these of works belong to the repertoire of visual arts entrusted to SIAE protection.

It must be remembered that the translation in the Italian language of foreign works become of public domain are also still protected and that many of these translations have been entrusted to SIAE by the associate authors and publishers.

Besides the repertoire of its associate members in Italy, SIAE also manages that of a variety of foreign Societies: this allows it to make it easier to acces most of the musical repertoire by the Italian users, who can, in this way, obtain, by an only interlocutor, the information and authorizations necessary to carry out their activity in full respect of the law.

For better identifying the characteristics of the use you want to make and to obtain the necessary prior authorization, you can refer to SIAE offices by taking into account that:

  • in case of reading andrecitation in public authorizations are issued by all SIAE territorial offices;

  • in case of carrier production (CDs, DVDs, etc.) the corresponding licence is issued by the Phonovideographic Market and Anti-Piracy Office, which also provides for issuing the SIAE stamp to apply on the carriers;

  • in case of re production of literary works on CD-ROMs, CDs- you have to refer to the Literary Sector of the OLAF Section;

  • in case of radio and television or by the Internet broadcasting, you have to contact the RF-TV Sector of the OLAF Section.

The OLAF Section offices are ready to provide you with all the information and general details on the different uses of literary works. 

The authorization requests must be submitted before the use, considering that SIAE must obtain the specific consent from the entitled parties and that this procedure takes - for different reasons - not a short time for the answer.

Among the details to provide to SIAE, in order to allow it to establish the conditions for the authorization issue, those concerning the works to use, their authors- and the possible translators and publishers of the books from which the works are taken, besides the kind of use you want to make of them, are necessary: according to the information received SIAE will check if the works in question belong to the reperto ire it represents and will communicate the amount of the tariffs due, after having possibly asked for the consent of the entitled parties.

Non-profit reading and recitals of literary works within museums, archives and public libraries just for cultural promotion and enhancement of the works themselves in public libraries.

By the Decree Law dated August 8th 2013, nr.91, modified by the Law dated 7 October 2013, nr.112, known as “Decree Value Culture” , the Law supporting and promoting reading and book, introducing a further paragraph to article nr. 15 of the law of author’s rights, where it is established that : "The non profit recital of literary works made within museums, archives and public libraries just for the sole purpose of cultural promotion and enhancement of the works themselves identified according to the memoranda of understanding signed between SIAE and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism”.

In compliance with the regulations in force, SIAE and MiBACT, involving all the associations concered, have signed the protocol which defines the conditions for the rule application, reported in the attached document (Application of the protocol of library readings). To benefit from the rule in question, a self-certification model is available, which must be filled in and signed by the museum, archive or public library manager and sent via certified e-mail to the local SIAE office competent for the territory.

It is to remind that the sending of the self-certification model allows the institution not to request the SIAE licence and not pay the author’s right only for the events for which the requirements provided by the protocol occur.

Tariffs change depending on the type of usage of the work:

  1. Reading or performance within different shows: first of all, it is to find out whether the reading or the performance in public takes place within free or not free events. Therefore, SIAE tariffs are calculated by taking into account the capacity of the places where the event takes place. As a rule, SIAE requests for events which are not free of charge, the percentage of 10% on the proceeds, applying minimum tariffs of:

  • Euro 85,00 for places having a capacity up to 300 seats;

  • Euro 122,00 for places having a capacity up to 800 seats;

  • Euro 250,00 or places having a capacity of over 800 seats.

For events with free entrance, the following tariffs are applied:

  • Euro 122,00 for places having a capacity up to 300 seats;
  • Euro 250,00 for places having a capacity of over 300 seats.

  • In case of events occurring in libraries or bookstores, with a capacity lower than 100 seats, and just consisting of the usage of literary protected repertoires, without the usage of repertoires managed by other Divisions, the fixed tariff decreases to €85,00.

Preferential tariffs to be applied in particular usages of pieces of literary works belonging to the repertoire protected by the olaf division, which for their peculiarity and typology are not included in the above mentioned price provisions.

Events occurring in places having a capacity up to 40 seats (e.g. literary cafè):
10% of the net proceeds with a minimum guarantee of € 44,00;
in case of free show fixed amount tariff of € 44,00;

literary marathons (events whose duration exceeds the usual time of performance in public until covering the whole day).Three price categories related to the event duration are identified:

up to 8 hours: 1 show
from 8 to 16 hours: 2 shows
from 16 to 24 hours: 3 shows
The usual tariffs for free and not free shows are applied.

Guided tours: for the performance of literary pieces during guided tours, the percentage of 10% is fixed, which has to be calculated on the price paid by the tourist for the service of guided tour, VAT excluded, without the provision of a minimum guarantee.

The right tariffs collected are then distributed among the different works used within the event.

Different conditions are provided when, within the same event are also used works belonging to repertoires managed by other SIAE divisions (e. g. musical compositions, theatre works, etc.)