Transparent SIAE

SIAE, the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, has adopted a transparent communication towards its members and the public.

For this purpose, SIAE has taken inspiration both from the provisions of the European Directive on Collecting Societies (Directive 26/2014/EU) and from the Italian regulation on transparency, where applicable (Leg. Decree of 14 March 2013, no. 33, and Law of 6 November 2012, no.190).

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General Provisions

Program for Transparency and Integrity

Certification by IAB (Indipendent Assessment Body) or similar body

General Documents

Obligatory information for citizens and companies

Zero bureaucracy


Governing bodies

Sanctions for failure of data communication

Reports of regiona/provincial council groups

Internal organization

Telephone and electronic mail

Consultants and collaborators


Top administrative tasks (Secretary General, Head of Department, Managing Director or equivalent positions)

Top administrative offices (Managing Director, Health Director, Administrative Director)


Executives (Department Managers and Managers of simple and complex structures)

Organizational Positions

Staff resourcers

Non-permanent staff

Absence rates

Task assigned and authorized to employees (executives and non-executives)

Collective negotiation

Integrative negotiation


Open competition announcements

Open competition announcements

List of past open competitions

Information concerning selection procedures of the staff


Performance measurement and assessment system

Performance plan

Report on Performance

IAB document of validation of the Report on Performance

IAB report on the overall functioning of the Assessment, Transparency and Integrity of Internal Control System

Overall amount of bonuses

Information concerning bonuses

Organizational well-being

Controlled bodies

Supervised public entities

Subsidiary companies

Supervised bodies governed by private law

Graphic representation

Activities and procedures

Aggregate data on financial activity

Typologies of procedures

Monitoring of procedural times

Sworn declarations made on oath and automatic data acquisition

Controls on companies

Invitation to tender and contracts


Provisions adopted by administrative managers

Provisions adopted by the political direction bodies

Grants, contributions, subsidies, economic advantages

Criteria and modalities

Granting Acts


Budget and Financial Statements

Plan of indicators and expected results

Properties and assets management



Controls and surveys on the administration

Audit and control bodies' remark

Observations of the Court of Audit

Services provided

Charter for services and quality standards

Class action

Recorded costs

Average times of service provisions

Waiting lists

Payments of the administration

Indicator on timeliness of payments

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and electronic payments

Public works

Territory planning and governance

Environmental information

Private accredited health-care structures

Extraordinary and emergency actions

Other contents - Corruption

Three-year plan on corruption prevention

Responsible for corruption prevention

Responsible for transparency

Regulations for prevention and sanctioning of corruption and illegality

Report of the anti-corruption Manager

Adjustment to ANAC provisions

Other contents - Accessibility and Catalogue of data, metadata and databases

Other contents - Civic Access

Appointment of health and safety manager

Other contents - Further data