Subsidiary companies

Armonia - SIAE participates in the European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) "Armonia" (established in April 2013) with the purpose of simplifying the issue of pan-European licences by means of a single hub for the use of the protected repertoires complying with the principles of transparency and efficiency required in the directive 2014/26/UE on collective management of rights. Membership dues for the financial year 2018 amount to € 185.100.

Fast Track (F.T. the digital copyright network) - Is a simplified shareholding Company whose 9,84% of shares is held by SIAE for a total value of € 3,642. The statutory objective is to interconnect the database of different societies making them inter-operable. F.T. is a technological supplier realizing solutions for the benefit of the partners and of the Cisac community, in order to improve the author's right management in terms of accuracy of information and speed of interchange.

RAI and MEDIASET - SIAE holds RAI shares for a book value equal to € 130,887 and a nominal value equal to € 1,071,100 (0,44% of the related share capital). SIAE also holds Mediaset shares (0,0006% of the related share capital) for a nominal value and a book value of € 3,615.

BIEM - SIAE vice-chairs BIEM (Bureau International des societes gerant le droits d'Enregistrement et de reproduction Mecanique), which is an organization whose Headquarters are in Paris and the is composed by 51 societies, representing 120 countries in the field of mechanical rights and whose aim is to grant such rights and to ensure their effective protection by negotiating model-contracts with the terms of use for the repertoires administered by Authors' Societies. BIEM is also in charge of granting a technical cooperation among its members. As a Non-governmental Organization (ONG) BIEM represents and protects the interests of its member-societies before International Institutions. SIAE holds a value of BIEM share capital (€ 411) for an amount of € 15,24.

Cf. Transparency Report 2018