Governing bodies

SIAE is the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers and, as such, it is managed by Governing Bodies constituted and elected by its own members.
The internal organization is coordinated by the Managing Director who exercises the powers of direction, coordination and organization of the executive and non-executive personnel of the Society.
SIAE operates all over the Italian territory with its 10 Offices, 28 Branches and 436 Representative Companies.

Governing bodies
The tasks and composition of SIAE’s Governing Bodies are regulated by the Statute of the Society. The Governing Bodies of the Society are: the Supervisory Board, the Management Board and the Board of Auditors.


Following the resignation of President Filippo Sugar - communicated on July 30, 2018 - the Director Biagio Proietti, as senior member of the Management Board, will replace the President in the representation of the Company and in the exercise of all the functions of the President of the Management Board pursuant to art. 19 co. 16 and 17 of the Statute.

The Management Board determines the Society governance and controls its implementation by the Chief Executive Officer: it determines the initiatives to take in the interest of the Society and to pursue its institutional purposes, including the approval of distribution criteria of proceeds for author’s rights and the size of fees in order to use the works assigned to each division.

Federico Monti Arduini
(Other tasks / positions - Declaration of non-existence of non-empowerment / incompatibility)

Biagio Proietti
(Other tasks / positions - Declaration of non-existence of non-empowerment / incompatibility)

Andrea Purgatori*

Luca Domenico Scordino
(Other tasks / positions - Declaration of non-existence of non-empowerment / incompatibility)

Instrument of appointment of the Management Board

The total fees concerning the Management Board for 2017 amount to € 180.000 per year Cfr. Transparency Report 2017

On 23rd September, 2018, Mr. Andrea Purgatori resigned as member of the Management Board with effect from 1st  October 2018

President of the Supervisory Board
The President of the Supervisory Board is appointed among its members elected by the Assembly; s/he calls and chairs the Supervisory Board.

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board deliberates on the industrial and strategic plans of the Society drawn up by the Management Board. It deliberates any modification to the Statute and approves the forecast-type budget and the management statement proposed by the Management Board.


Gianfranco Borgatti
Filippo Nicola Sugar
Giuseppe De Martino
Toni Verona
Romano Di Bari
Bruno Mario Lavezzi
Piero Leonardi
Vittorio Costa
Alessandro Angrisano
Paolo Franchini
Dino Bernarda
Alfredo Gramitto Ricci
Silvia Villevieille Bideri
Giuseppe Rinaldi in arte Kaballà
Cristiano Minellono
Maria Romana Trainini
Roberto Sorci
Claudio Carboni
Fabio Massimo Cantini
Francesco Romano Martinotti
Luigi Lopez
Linda Brunetta Caprini
Antonella Rizzi
Roberto Giacomo Pischiutta in arte Pivio
Piero Romano Montanari
Giovanni Caccamo
Giuseppe Pirazzoli
Giovanna Flora
Toni Biocca
Francesco Amore
Paola Perilli
Ricardo Franco Levi
Alessandro Solbiati
Lidia Ravera
Angelo Barbagallo
Matteo Levi

The Supervisory Board (in charge until July 26,2018)

Within the Supervisory Board, five Advisory Committees are set up as follows: Music Commission; Opera Commission; OLAF Commission; Cinema Commission; DOR Commission, expressing mandatory but not binding opinion to the Management Board on the author’s right distribution criteria and on fees for the usage of the repertoire assigned to them.

Composition of the Commissions

Composition of the Commissions (in charge until July 26,2018)

The Assembly is called by the Management Board to elect the members of the Supervisory Board, any time the Management Board deems it necessary and when a request is made by at least one twentieth of the associate members having paid their membership fees or by a number of associate members representing at least one twentieth of the authors' rights distributed by the Society during the previous financial year.

The Board of Auditors has control functions on the Society, pursuant what is provided by the Civil Code (art. 2403 bis and following).

Laura Belmonte

Full members
Giovanni Fiori
Massimiliano Nova

Substitute members
Barbara Romani
Massimo De Buglio

The total fees concerning the Board of Auditors for 2017 amount to € 160.000 per year Cfr. Transparency Report 2017

Instrument of appointment of the Board of Auditors

The Society has adopted a Model of organization and management suitable for preventing offences, pursuant Leg. Decree nr. 231 of 2001. For this purpose, SIAE has established a Supervisory Body provided with autonomous powers of initiative and control on the effective implementation of what is provided by the Model.

Patrizia Ferrari

Raffaele Cusmai
Paolo Palombelli

Instrument of appointment of the Supervisory Body

The total fees concerning the Supervisory Body for 2017 amount to € 140.000 per year Cfr. Transparency Report 2017