Web and mobile music licences

SIAE online Portal dedicated to music in online or mobile services, is the ideal application to easily obtain your licence to use musical works protected by SIAE. Registered users can apply for and directly obtain licenceson the website for the following categories:

SINGLE-CHANNEL WEB RADIO: the licence authorises the usage of musical works in audio webcasting, only for the users' own private and non-commercial use, with no track selection by users. The licence authorises the streaming of musical works, with no downloading option;

WEB TV: the licence authorises the usage of musical works in information, thematic and generalist  web TVs. This licence does neither apply to Web TVs mainly dedicated to music, nor to download services or services that offer films, telefilms, TV series, animated cartoons and similar programmes;

WEB SITES WITH BACKGROUND MUSIC AND LIGHT STREAMING: the licence authorises the usage of musical works, as background music, with no downloading option, on websites that do not include third-party advertising and are not mainly dedicated to music. For example, the following items are excluded: portals, web radios, ringtones selling, music file download, etc.;

SELF PROMOTING WEBSITES OF MUSIC AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS, OR OF PERFORMING ARTISTS AND PHONOGRAPHIC PRODUCERS: the licence authorises the usage, in streaming or downloading, of musical works belonging to the repertoire of the author, performing artist or publisher who owns the website, or included in the catalogue of the phonographic producer owner of the website;

DIGITAL DELIVERY: the licence authorises authors, publishers, performing artists and phonographic producers to send, via email or through the dedicated section of their website, files containing musical works, free of charge and for promotional purposes, to specific categories of users (web radio, radio broadcasters, journalists, DJs, bloggers, advertising agencies).

In order to use the service, it is necessary to register as natural person or company. Please clic the relevant button and provide all the necessary information. Once you have completed the procedure, you will receive your access credentials and all the details you need to complete the registration.