Renewals Background Music

The portal dedicated to Renewals for Background Music allows all bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and artisans that use and perform music to renew their annual or seasonal subscription for Author's Right, using their credit card or bank Mav (payment by notice).

At the time of the annual subscription renewal, subscribers will receive, by mail service or email, an identification code (subscription code) granting access to the portal and enabling them to perform all renewal and payment steps

The term for 2016 subscription renewal has been extended, by way of exception, to March 18, in order to allow users to take advantage of this new payment method, offered together with traditional methods of payment at the local office or using the MAV (payment by notice) shipped by mail.

During renewal procedure, you can also specify any installation of new audiovisual appliances or the removal of the old ones, as well as any membership to trade unions in order to benefit from discounts granted to them. It is important to have a valid certificate close at hand nearby, for the current year before starting the procedure, so that you can upload it to the portal. A copy of your identity document will also be required to accept the Contractual Terms and Conditions. You will also be provided with practical user instructions (“User Instructions”) and a Support service (“Support and Contacts”).

In order to access the service, you will be asked to insert the Tax Code/VAT Identification Number of your business and the subscription code.

If you lose your code, please request a duplicate submitting the details of your Company to the following email address or contact us at the phone number 06/59905200. During authentication, you must also insert a valid email address where you will receive a Check Code to be used only for your first access.