Resale Right Declaration

The Portal dedicated to Resale Right allows professional sellers in works of art to fulfil all their obligations in terms of sale declaration and payment of an equitable remuneration related to the Resale Right, directly on the website, as easily and quickly as possible.

Resale Right is the right of the author of works of art or manuscripts, or his heirs, to receive a percentage of the sales price obtained from any resale of the work subsequent to the first transfer by the author, and is due whenever an operation is performed with the participation of a professional seller in works of art (Auction Houses, Art Galleries any Dealer in Works of Art) acting as seller, purchaser or intermediary.  Registration is required to benefit from the online services.

To register to the portal, please download the Agreement for Resale Right Collection by Electronic Means, which establishes the terms and conditions of the service. A copy of the agreement, duly filled in and signed by the legal representative, must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address:


SIAE Direzione Generale Sezione OLAF - Diritto di Seguito Via della Letteratura n. 30 – 00144 ROMA

Upon receipt of the documents, the office in charge will perform the required checks. Such office reserves the right to request any additional details or identification data before granting the authorisation to access the online service.

Once the checks are completed, the office will send an e-mail indicating the results of the application examination procedure and a copy of the agreement, duly signed, will be sent via post mail.

Access credentials to online services will be notified by:

- user code, via email to the designated email address/ by fax

- password, via email to the designated email address.

If your account is already activated, please access the portal or print the Agreement for Resale Right Collection by Electronic Means to request activation;