Portal for Professional Organisers

The Portal for Professional Organisers makes fulfilment of the required SIAE procedures by professional users even easier. Thanks to our online application there’s no need to line at a local office.

In particular, through the portal you can perform directly on the website the following steps:

- to apply for  licenses of use in relation to repertoires protected by SIAE, for shows or entertainment events;

- to submit the economic data concerning the event;

- to view and check the payable rights;

- to pay such rights.

Furthermore, on the portal you can download the music schedule, to be filled out by the performer. In order to use the online services you must be a registered user; to complete your registration, please sign the agreement with SIAE, which provides the terms and conditions for use.

A copy of the agreement, duly completed and signed by the legal representative, must be delivered to one of the SIAE local offices.

Upon receipt of the documents, the office in charge will perform the required checks. Such office reserves the right to request any additional details or identification data before granting authorization to access the online service.

Once the checks are completed, the office will send back a duly signed copy of the agreement. From that moment, you can directly access the service.

You can always ask for support at the designated SIAE office also during the registration to the portal: the SIAE operator will provide the user code and apassword will be sent to the designated email address.