We offer an online service for the granting of Licences for the reproduction of SIAE repertoire works on music CDs, DVDs, LP, etc...allowing producers to submit their applications to SIAE through the dedicated web portal. This service allows for the online filling out of the DRM2 and the label copy, both for first requests and for reprinting, replacing the current manual filling out of the forms (and subsequent scanning and transmission via email).

How to access the service

To access the online application service, please download and sign the Application form, accepting the licence terms and conditions that are an integral part thereof, and send it by fax at the following number: 06.5990.2018.

If this is the first time you apply for the SIAE licence for phonographic reproduction, please attach to the Application form a copy of your identity document (for natural persons) and the title search of the Chamber of Commerce (for companies).

SIAE reserves the right to ask for further details or additions to complete the application examination procedure.

Once the application has been finalised, SIAE will send you the access credentials to the dedicated website section, the URL and the user's guide.

For more information on the online procedure, please send an email to or contact us at the following phone number: 06.5990.3850.

User instructions

Once the access credentials have been received, the producer can submit, through the online portal, the applications for licence, by directly entering the details about the sound carrier and the contents, and attach the required documents, depending on the kind of licence requested (for example the label copy) 

Applications for licences received through the website will be validated and valued by SIAE, which will send to the producer an email indicating the amount due.

Following the payment, to be made by the producer via:

- MAV (payment by notice)

- Wire transfer to:

Bank: Unicredit S.p.A. Rome


IBAN: IT 88 E 02008 05085 000103144782


Copies of the licence and the invoice issued by SIAE following payment will be made available to the producer’s account.

Stickers, whose expenses will be borne by SIAE, will be delivered by Courier to the address specified by the producer

in his application. You will be updated on the status of the delivery via text message or email.

For further details on the dispatch service,

producers can contact us at the phone number: 02.8649.6355.