Licences for Private Parties

The online portal dedicated to free and private parties or events helps you along the necessary steps to make payments in relation to equitable remuneration for author’s right and obtain a licence for your private party where music music works will be performed.

What do we mean with private party or event?

Private parties or events are private celebrations (weddings, baptism and confirmations parties, birthday parties, graduation parties and similar celebrations), offered by private citizens and reserved to guests, during which any music works included in the SIAE - Music Division repertoire are performed.

When you fill in the form you must state if the music is recorded, as in this case you will have to pay, in addition to author’s right, also the rights due to phonogram producers and performing artists.

Recorded music means both the music on a CD, DVD, etc...and the performances by a DJ.

to obtain a licence for granting of the permit and pay the remuneration of authors' rights (and any other related right) for free, private parties or events, the applicant must be:

● a natural person (with his own tax code)

● a occasional organiser of the event

Use our service to obtain, easily and quickly, your Licence for Free Events, fill in the form for the Program log and pay the remuneration for author’s and related rights.