Licences for Deejays

This Portal allows deejays to store on a sound carrier (CD, DVD, etc) or a device (hard disk, USB pen drive) protected music files in order to reproduce them in public, after payment of a fee to rightholders.

The application can be carried on the portal. In order to use our online service, please register for online services, access the online services and submit the “Application form” for the Licence for Deejays on the website.

Once the application is completed, deejays can download the following annexes:

- Licence indicating, among others, granted rights and conditions

- user's guide

- Legend for statement of working copies

The printed Licence, duly filled in and signed in two copies, together with a copy of an identity document (and for members of trade associations, a copy of the card that entitles to discounted

annual fee) must be sent by fax to the following number 06.5990.3442  or by registered letter to the following address:

Siae Direzione Generale

Mercato Fonovideografico e Antipirateria

Viale della Letteratura,30

00144 – Rome

The office reserves the right to ask for further details or identification data before granting the Licence. The status of your application and any subsequent steps will be communicated by email.

At any time, you can check the status of your application just by accessing the Portal.