Authors and Publishers Portal

The Authors and Publishers web portal, allows you fast and simple access to several services for the management of your repertoire.

You can infact check the repertoire of the filed works, view in detail the amount of your accruing, download the economic statements, modify the method of crediting of the proceeds, make online payments of the instalment or annual fee and make an online deposit of your musical works (this last one option is exclusively available to members signed up for the Music Division).

All Associate and Mandate Members are granted access to the web portal as soon as they put forward a membership application. If you are an author and you are over 16, you can join SIAE directly from your smartphone. How to do it? It’s simple and fast! Download the app SIAE+ from App Store or Play Store and follow all the necessary steps to become a Member.



For all authors it is also available registration via site.

If you are already an Associate or Mandate member of SIAE, but have not yet joined the Authors and Publishers web portal, you can request it through a few simple steps:

  1. Register for the online services: ( If you are a publisher and you wish to request access for your company, you must register as an individual.
  2. Once the login credentials (email and password) have been set, login into your account and ask to join the new Authors and Publishers web portal, which you will find in the "Available Services" section.
  3. Enter the SIAE’s registration number for which you request membership and upload the requested documents.
  4. The relevant department will check the provided data and documents and will send you an email to confirm the successfull activation of the service.

The Authors and Publishers web portal is in constant development. Log in to find out about all our available services.