Authors and Publishers Portal

Through the Authors and Publishers Portal, right holders enjoy quick and easy access to the various services related to their repertoires registered with the Music Division, the Dramatic Works and Radio/TV Broadcasts Division and Opera Division.

In particular, registered users will be able to browse the repertoire of registered musical, dramatic works, radio/TV and opera works, which also includes distribution fees for each work, access to the details each use of their musical repertoire and view diagrams concerning the proceeds trends, as well as to access the guided procedure to fill in the registration form for musical works and, in the case of sub-publishers, the online registration form for foreign musical and opera works.  They will also be able to submit data concerning future performances of works included in their opera repertoire (including the remuneration to be collected), to access the list of exploitations of non-identifiable musical works in phonograms and videograms, with an option to report any matches with titles included in their repertoire. As regards the Music Division, any irregularities in the registration and the measures to rectify such irregularities are specified.

The Authors and Publishers Portal is immediately made available to all Authors, and their Heirs, who join SIAE as Associate or Mandate Members. They will receive the credentials to access services at the time of completion of the associate membership or mandate procedure. To browse the Authors and Publishers Portal, please accept the Contractual Terms and Conditions for use at you first access to the website.

SIAE members and newly joined Publishers can easily access the Authors and Publishers Portal through the procedure described below:

1. you must have already joined SIAE as associate or mandate member and have been assigned a SIAE position number;

2. please register to the online services. After the registration, you will receive your access credentials (user code and password). Just press the “Register” button above and fill in all blank spaces (if you are a publisher and you want to request access for your company you need to register as a natural person);

3. once the registration is completed, please access the online services using your credentials and apply for admission to the Authors and Publishers Portal, which is included in the list of services that can be activated, through the guided procedure. Please insert the SIAE position number which you request access for;

4. once this step is completed, upload the required documents (pressing the “UPLOAD DOCUMENTS” button);

5. once the procedure is complete, the competent office will check the information and the documents that you have saved on the website. You will receive confirmation of service activation;

6. at your first access (for the specified SIAE position) please accept the Contractual Terms and Conditions for use of the Authors and Publishers Portal, required to benefit from the service.