The right to create derivative works

Any modification or transformation of a work, which means making any changes to the work that result in a modification of its structure or form but do not alter the original sense, shall be authorised by the author of the work.

The above is provided for by the right to create derivative works (art. 18 of Italian Copyright Law). Such right refers in particular to translations, any transformation of the work in a different literary or artistic from, any modifications or additions that constitute a material transformation of the original work, adaptation, reduction and condensation.

The work resulting from such transformation or modification of the original work is defined as a ‘derivative work’ and is protected by the law if the resulting work is creative in nature (art. 4 of Italian Copyright Law), without prejudice to the rights attributed to the original work.

One example of derivative works is the adaptation of novels or works into scripts or screenplays.

The author shall have the exclusive right to publish his works in a collection.