Reproduction right

Reproduction right is the exclusive right to reproduce the work.

It refers to direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction by any means and in any form, as a  whole or in part (art. 12 of Italian Copyright Law).

Also the uploading and downloading of files containing the protected works are deemed to be relevant for the author’s right.

In the literary sector, the reproduction of individual printed works or parts of works for personal use is allowed  if made by photocopying, xerox or similar system, provided that it does not exceed a maximum of 15 % of each book or booklet, with the exclusion of advertising pages (68, paragraph 3 of Italian Copyright Law), and that a remuneration is paid to authors by the reproduction centres.

With the exclusion of this specific situation, the reproduction of printed works, also for personal use, which is not authorized by the right holders, is sanctioned by administrative or criminal law, unless such reproduction has been made pursuant to art. 68 paragraph 1 of Italian Copyright Law) (reproduction of individual works or parts of works for personal use, made by the readers using means that are not suitable for public dissemination).

Nevertheless, each use conflicting  with the economic rights payable to the author shall be excluded.

In the phono video sector, the private reproduction of phonograms and videograms on any device and carrier thati is suitable for making private copies is allowed, under the payment of an equitable remuneration, if made by any natural person for personal use only, provided that it is on a non-profit-making basis and has no direct or indirect commercial purposes ( art. 71, sexies of the Italian Copyright Law). Compensation is paid to authors and other rightholders for loss of revenues or harm caused to the rightholder whose work had been copied (art. 71-septies of author’s right legislation).