Everything stems from an idea
Every work is born from an idea, from the author’s creativity: in every musical, literary, theatrical, cinematographic opera and visual art works there is all the author's efforts and dedication and thus the work itself must be protected.
Every work must be protected
Creative works are precious: they are the product of an intellectual activity that the law protects. For this reason the right on the work is vested to the author since the moment the work comes into existence. In other words the creation itself constitutes the sole and sufficient means to vest copyright in a work.
For this reason the author’s right exists
The author’s right protects authors and their creativity. It is a right that guarantees an adequate compensation for the intellectual work and protects the existence and life of intellectual works. SIAE was established thanks to the will of the authors themselves to ensure the respect of their rights in order to continue to express their creativity.

What are the economic rights?

The economic rights are the author’s exclusive rights to use their work in any form and way for economic purposes, to authorize any kind of exploitation of them, under the form of reproduction, performance etc. and to receive a compensation for such exploitation.. Learn more

What are the moral rights?

The moral rights that the law recognizes to the author are aimed at protecting his personality, in connection with his creative works; amongst them there is the right to decide if and when to publish his work, to claim for the authorship, to oppose any alteration or damage to it and to withdraw it from commerce. Learn more 

SIAE for creators: some figures.

Over 87.000 Authors and Publishers
registered with SIAE.
559.000.000 € of royalties
in 2017.
Over 480 offices
located on the national territory
Over 500.000 users
use SIAE repertoire every year.
270 Representation Agreements
with other Authors’ Societies for the management of SIAE repertoire in the world.
Over 62.000.000 works
protected by SIAE.

What does the SIAE do for the authors’ rights?

The institutional function of the SIAE is the activity of intermediation for the management of authors’ rights. The SIAE, therefore, grants the authorizations for the use of protected works, collects the remuneration for authors’ rights and allocates the fees derived from it. It carries out its activities in Italy, through its area offices and, abroad, through other Foreign Authors Societies with which it has concluded representation agreements.

Who owns the rights?

Originally, the owner of the authors’ rights is the author as the creator of the work (or in case of works in collaboration, the co-authors). Rights of ownership can then be purchased, sold or transferred in any form or way permitted by law.

How long does financial protection of the work last?

The exploitation rights last for the author's life plus 70 years after his death. After this period the work falls into the public domain. In the case of works effectuated in collaboration the term is calculated with reference to the co-author who dies last.

When do authors’ rights come into being? Are there any procedures to be followed?

There are no administrative formalities to be followed to obtain the recognition of authors’ rights. The rights come into being automatically with the creation of the work.

The development of an idea

Authors, users and the role of SIAE in the protection of a work.

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