Why register to SIAE

To register to SIAE is the best way to protect your author’s right and see your reward acknowledged every time somebody uses your creations worldwide. Nowadays, there are two different ways to register to the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE): as a Member and Principal, so you can choose the one which suits you best.

Anyone who wants to see his works protected or the rights of which they acquired, which means Authors, authors’ Heirs, Publishers, Transferees, Authorities and Producers can register.

If you register as a Member, you will have the chance to deposit your works and obtain the fee for their usage. Moreover, the Members, as such, are actively involved in the life of the company:  they have the right to participate in the Assembly of the Association and vote for the deliberations on the agenda, such as appointing the members of the Supervisory Board (art. 9, 10, 11 and 12 of SIAE By-Laws).

If you register as a Principal, you will have the chance to deposit your works and obtain the fee for their usage.

Besides, if you are less than 30 years of age, SIAE gives you the possibility to register for free as a Member or Principal.

If you would like to change your registration, at any time, from being Member to Principal or vice versa, you can do it in an easy and quick way, by using the forms relating to the transformation of the registration relationship. Contextually to your registration to SIAE, you will deposit your first work and will start being protected straight away.

Not all members ask for the protection of only one type of repertoire: SIAE looks after the protection of six different types of repertoire and with your registration you can protect whichever work belonging to whichever category of repertoire completely for free, thanks to the extension of protection!

If you are already registered to SIAE but you are in arrears or you skipped some payments you can settle your balance and start earning from your works again; you just need to pay your overdue amounts and, if you are less than 30, none!

Besides, by registering to SIAE, you will receive your login details for the Authors and Publishers’ Portal straight away, so you can surf in your personal page directly (for further information, see AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS’ PORTAL).

What are you waiting for? Choose the type of registration relationship which suits you best and deposit your work(s) you want to protect and start earning thanks to your creativity!