Declaring a Work

Once the registration at SIAE has been completed, Members and Mandates will need to deposit all the works intended to the public use they have or they have bought the rights for. The declaration of the work must be submitted by all the Members and Principals who have taken part in the creation or are the publishers or the transferees.


Every work must be deposited by submitting a declaration form (Form 91). More specifically, you will have to indicate the identifying information of the work on the form: the title, the authors of the music, the authors of the literary text, the authors of the translation, etc. Also, the remuneration distribution that the work will produce, as agreed among the right claimants.

Together with the declaration form, a complete sample of the work, in a signed script format, at least on the frontispiece and on the last page. In case of musical or of musical comedy with the specific written music, also the music scores, together with a declaration of originality of the music must be submitted.

Incidental music, used as accompaniment to dramatic works, must be deposited to the Music Division, even if original

The samples of the deposited works will remain with the Society, who does not take any responsibility for their conservation.

The documentation must be delivered to the General Directorate office – Documentation Office DOR Section, or to the Local Offices, either by delivering it directly or sending it by registered mail.

In short: what do I need for the depositing of an original copy with SIAE?

For the depositing of an original theatrical work, you need:

- The Declaration form (Form 91) filled in and signed by all the rightful claimants (authors, adaptors, translators, publishers, transferees, heirs), at least on the title page and on the last page.

- For musical and musical comedies with specific written music, scores and a declaration of originality.

Arrangements of previous works

In case of arrangements of previous works, but of public domain, you must submit also a copy of the original work and a detailed report on the creative work.
In case of arrangements of protected works, you need to submit the authorisation of the rightful claimant of the origial work.

The declaration forms, together with a sample of the work, can be sent by mail to SIAE – Sezione DOR – Ufficio Documentazione - Viale della Letteratura, 30 – Roma; to one of following branches: Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Genova, Milano, Napoli, Palermo, Roma e Bolzano; by registered mail to SIAE – Sezione DOR – Ufficio Documentazione - Viale della Letteratura, 30 – 00144 Roma.