Deposit of original works

The author’s right on intellectual properties is born with the work itself and the law protects them only for their creation, independently from any formality of deposit and registration. For this reason, SIAE puts the Deposit for Original Works at everyone’s disposal, so all the unpublished works can be protected from plagiarism.

Through this service, who deposits also obtains a proof of the existence of the work with a clear date, which is the one when it was deposited at SIAE.

Simple ideas are excluded from protection.

The deposit is valid for five years and can be renewed before the expiration for the same duration. In order to benefit from the service, the payment of the tariffs (indicated below) is required. When renewing, a new filled form and payment of the same amount (see TARIFFS) are required.

If, after five years, the depositor does not withdraw the work or renew the deposit, SIAE will consider itself as authorised to destroy the work itself.

The works that can be deposited (as an example) are:

  • Novels

  • Songs

  • Stories

  • Poems

  • Scripts

  • Plots

  • Subjects

  • Audiovisual works

  • Software

  • Database

  • Graphic works.

The samples of works can be sent on paper or write-once digital device (CD-ROM, DVD). Re-writable devices (such as USB sticks or hard-disks) are not accepted.

To deposit an original it is not necessary to be a SIAE member and the deposit of the work does not entitle to become a SIAE member. SIAE stores the original deposited works, in sealed envelopes, in its archives, and gives the depositor a certification with the number of repertoire assigned to the deposit. Clearly, SIAE has no reading, judgment or placement tasks of the deposited work and does not assume any responsibility for potential plagiarisms or illicit uses. 

Each work must be declared separately, by filling the Declaration model 350 in every field, and reminding to insert the declarant’s Italian tax code, or, in case of a society, both Italian tax code and VAT number of the society, telephone numbers and email address.

To require the deposit the following elements are necessary:

1. A copy of the work, signed in original and in full, with name and last name, by the depositor and all the authors on each page, if on paper. No acronyms or pseudonyms are accepted. If, instead, the work is sent on write-once digital device, the full signatures, together with the title, must be written on a label on the device or signing with a permanent marker directly on the device;

2. Form 350 accurately filled in every field and undersigned on the pages, where required (four signatures on three pages);

3. Receipt of the payment, if the documents are sent by mail (registered mail with the acknowledgement of receipt).

For payment methods, amounts and schedules see TARIFFS below.

4. Copy of Italian tax code and ID signed by the applicant

In case of preliminary examination of your request with positive outcome, if works are sent by mail, SIAE will send the certification of deposit to the depositor by mail (or email) to the address (or email address) indicated on the form 350. If, instead, works are deposited at the branch, the deposit certificate is issued immediately.

In case of preliminary examination of your request with negative outcome, SIAE will reimburse the possible paid amount, keeping € 30.00 for procedural rights. 

Tariffs for the deposit of an original work at SIAE are the following:

  • 65.00: tariff for members and principals

  • 132.00: tariff for depositors/non-SIAE members. The stamp duty of € 2.00 paid virtually is included in the amount.

  • 262.00: tariff due if the deposit is required by legal people (society, associations, authorities, groups, etc) who have available rights to the economic use or by natural people different from the author from whom they acquired the rights to the economic use. The stamp duty of € 2.00 paid virtually is included in the amount.


The payment can be made on the following account details, always indicating the name of the depositor and the title of the work in the dedication box:

UNICREDIT SpA - Filiale Roma Accademia degli Agiati - Via Accademia degli Agiati, 81 - 00147 ROMA

IBAN: IT 11 C 02008 05179 000002906956

BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1O57 (per payments from abroad)


Banco Posta – POSTE ITALIANE SpA – Poste Centro – Viale Europa, 175 – 00144 Roma

IBAN: IT 75 Y 07601 03200 000076808005

BIC SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX (per payments from abroad)


If paying by wire transfer, the number of CRO must appear.

The opening hours to the public are the following: from Monday to Friday from 9.15 am to 1.15 pm; from Monday to Thursday from 3 to 4.30 pm.

WARNING: the payment methods directly at the General Directorate in Rome (Viale della Letteratura, 30) are the following:

  • In the morning, the payment can be made in cash or by cheque at the Public Cinematographic Register helpdesk (3rd floor) from 9.15 am to 12.30 pm or at the Original Works Deposit Office by POS.

  • From 12.30 to 1.15 pm and during the afternoon opening hours (from Monday to Thursday, from 3 to 4.30 pm), the payment can be made at the Original Works Deposit Office exclusively by POS (debit or credit card).