Copyright Office Washington

Upon request of the interested people, SIAE looks after the registration of intellectual properties, both published and original, at the Copyright Office in Washington. The types of works accepted for deposit are the following:

  • Literary works (software are included in this category);

  • Musical works, texts included;

  • Drama, music included;

  • Choreographic works or pantomimes;

  • Cinematographic and other audiovisual works;

  • Sound recordings;

  • Architectonic works.

The deposit can be requested by the author who created the work or by those who acquired the author’s rights indirectly. However, when the work is created on commission or due to a work contract, the employer or the buyer are considered as authors of the work and, therefore, can ask for the registration.

According to the current laws in the USA, it is not necessary to deposit a work in order to obtain the protection. The copyright is automatically guaranteed when the work is created and loaded on a device. However, the registration to the Copyright Office in Washington involves some advantages (to acquire a proof that the work is Registered in a public register and to obtain a deposit certificate). Moreover, if the deposit is done within five years from the publication, in case of judicial procedure in the States, the registration is an indisputable evidence of the copyright validity.

For more precise information, please consult the Copyright Office of Washington website


In order to ask for the registration of a work to the Copyright Office of Washington, it is necessary to:

  • Send a sample of the work on paper or write-once digital device (CD-ROM, DVD);

  • Fill the request form in every field and sign it;

  • Attach the receipt of payment, to be done according to the fee on the account details indicated below by wire transfer or cheque (detailing the dedication) on the account number 76808005, headed to SIAE OLAF Section Viale della Letteratura 30 – 00144 Rome. If at the helpdesk, the payment can be done by cash before 12.30 pm or by POS. 

The overall fee to pay to SIAE for the service is made up of:

  1. Tariff required by the Copyright Office of Washington: 85 USD on the exchange rate of the day;

  2. SIAE tariff: € 23.24 for members; € 41.32 for non-members;

  3. Standard shipping cost fee by courier: € 37.65;

Note: big parcels are weighted for potential increase in the shipping cost.

Note – In order to determine the total amount to pay, the applicant will be contacted by the Office, after SIAE receives the materials to send.

The payment can be made on the following account details:

UNICREDIT SpA - Filiale Roma Accademia degli Agiati - Via Accademia degli Agiati, 81 - 00147 ROMA

IBAN: IT 11 C 02008 05179 000002906956

BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1MQ4 (per payments from abroad)


Banco Posta – POSTE ITALIANE SpA – Poste Centro – Viale Europa, 175 – 00144 Roma

IBAN: IT 75 Y 07601 03200 000076808005

BIC SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX (per payments from abroad)

C/C POSTALE N. 76808005 addressed to SIAE – PUBLIC REGISTER SW.

If paying by wire transfer, the number of CRO must appear.

The opening hours to the public are the following: from Monday to Friday from 9.15 am to 1.15 pm; from Monday to Thursday from 3 to 4.30 pm.

WARNING: the payment methods direct to the General Directorate in Rome (Viale della Letteratura, 30) are the following:

  • In the morning, the payment can be made in cash or by cheque at the Public Cinematographic Register helpdesk (3rd floor) from 9.15 am to 12.30 pm or at the Original Works Deposit Office by POS.

  • From 12.30 to 1.15 pm and during the afternoon opening hours (from Monday to Thursday, from 3 to 4.30 pm), the payment can be made at the Original Works Deposit Office exclusively by POS (debit or credit card).