To declare a work

Once you are registered with SIAE, Members and Principals must deposit the works, the rights of which they have got or acquired.

The declaration of the work must be done by all the Members or Principals who participated in its Creation or are their publishers. In case of multiple authors, at least one of them must be registered with SIAE.


Entirely original works

Each work will have to be deposited by filling in a declaration form (model 242). In particular, the identifying elements of the work will have to be reported in the form: title, duration, musical, literary text or choreography authors, etc. The shareholding of the revenues that the work will accrue, agreed among those entitled, will have to be reported in the form.

A complete sample of the work must be attached to the form:

- For operas, oratorios, ballets and similar works: full score or voice and piano score (for electronic musical works: audio recording);

- For choreographic works: video recording (DVD).

The samples of the deposited works are kept by the Society, which does not assume any responsibility for their conservation.

The documents must be delivered to the offices of the General Directorate– Opera Section, Documentation Office, or to the Regional Offices, delivering in person or by registered mail.

In short: what do I need to deposit an opera, ballet or choreographic work to SIAE?

In order to deposit an opera, ballet or choreographic work you need:

- Declaration form (model 242), filled in all the fields and signed by those entitled to the rights (authors, publishers, heirs, etc).

- A complete sample of the work: if opera, full score or voice and piano score; if choreographic work, a DVD.

Processing of pre-existent works

In case of processing pre-existent works, but of public domain, a copy of the original work and a detailed report by the processor on his creative contribution must be sent.

In case of processing protected works, the authorisation by the person entitled to the right on the original work must be ontained.

Critical editions and first publications of public domain works

Receiving fees from the usage of critical editions and the first publications of musical works (opera, symphony, chamber music, operetta, etc.) of public domain (articles 85 b and 85 c of the Author’s rights law no. 633/41) has been assigned to the Opera Section.

Basically, this is about “connected” rights to which the publisher (or the curator if he publishes on his own) is entitled and are based on an agreed remuneration between the person entitled to and the user.

Those who want to grant mandate to SIAE, members or non-members, must sign a specific contract, whether it is a critical edition or a first publication, and deposit the sample of the work.

The declaration forms, together with a sample of the work, can be mailed to SIAE – LIRICA Section – Documentation Office – Viale della Letteratura, 30 – Rome;

To one of the following branches: Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome and Bolzano via registered letter with receipt notification addressed to SIAE – DOR Section – Documentation Office – Viale della Letteratura, 30 – 00144 Rome.