SIAE offers to its members, who are up to date with the payment of the membership fee in relation to the current year, the possibility to change the quality of Member into Principal and vice versa at any time, easily and quickly. The change of relationship takes effect from January 1 of the year following the request if this is made no later than August 31 of each year. The request can be made:

- Through the New Authors and Publishers Portal, where the position data can be independently, quickly and easily modified;

- By filling in the form relevant to the variation requested, that has to be duly signed and sent via the Certified E-mail provided by SIAE to all rightholders  to or sent by registered letter with return receipt to    Customer care – SIAE – Viale della Letteratura 30 – 00144, Rome together with a copy of a valid identity document as an attachment.

- through the SIAE Assistance Form Web by selecting the repertoire of interest; Services related to the management of the membership association; Changes related to the SIAE position.

If you are a Principal and you want to become a Member, just send the request for modification of relationship relating to the category of interest (Author, Publisher and Different Categories, Heir).

If you are a Member and you want to become a Principal it is necessary to send your request for modification of relationship relating to your category (Author, Publisher and Different Categories, Heir) together with the receipt of the payment of the stamp duty of 32 EUR.

Things to remember:

1) Only “Members” have the right to participate in SIAE’s General Assembly and to vote the relevant deliberations on the agenda, such as the appointment of the Supervisory Board members (Articles 12, 13, 14 and 15 of SIAE by –laws);

2) “Members” are required, for each year following the variation, to pay the membership fee: Authors fee (of more than 30 years of age or less than 80 years of age; authors up to the age of 30 are not required to pay the annual fee) or Publishers and other categories fee;  nothing changes in terms of economic administration of the works;

3) “Principals” of Music Division, Drama and Radio/TV Works and Opera and Choreographic Works Sections only benefit from the so-called “free” mandate, which provides the exemption from the payment of the annual fee and the application of a 3% addition commission at the time of payment of the royalties, valid for all types of protected rights;

4) Only Authors “Members” can benefit from the services of the Solidarity Fund.