Income and Distribution

The remuneration provided for under Art.. 46bis of L. n. 633/1941, is determined by the agreements drew up with the TV users according to a “per-minute fee”: the value of the work passage is determined by a per-minute value, established yearly according to corresponding revenue’s brackets and broadcasting audience shares.

Some standard coefficients are applied to the per-minute value, according to the work category (film e miniseries; TV series, documentaries and animation; soap opera) and the timeframe of the work. The basic remuneration for the first television broadcasting of works produced or co-produced by the broadcasts is subject to abatement, as well as the following broadcasts in case of a time-shifting use or High-Definition channels with a rerun high rate (so called multiprogramming).

An estimated increase will be applied in case of a High-Definition use on time-shifting channels or in case of a High-Definition use of Standard-Definition channels. In addition to what provided in the agreement, the remuneration proportion for the authors of the translations or adaptations of the dialogues in a foreign language is equal to the 10% of the work remuneration indicated in the standard fees.

The remuneration for the selling of videos is applied for every work and it is allocated directly to the rightful claimants (authors or dialogue adaptors for foreign works) according to the general remuneration scheme or to what agreed by the authors of the several contribution. The remuneration for the multimedia use (online audiovisual services provider o other electronic communications rcentages according to the basic revenue indicated in the service provider catalogue. 

Cinema distribution order 2015