For Members and Principals it is possible to interrupt their protection relationship with SIAE at any time.

In accordance with the existing SIAE statutory and regulatory provisions, in order to interrupt your membership or mandate it is necessary to send SIAE your written communication of resignation.

This communication, which must be signed, can be forwarded to the competent Customer Care, via:

  • Letter or registered mail (Servizio Clienti - SIAE - V.le della letteratura, 30 - 00144 Rome) attaching a copy of a valid ID;

- Fax (06.59902058) attaching a copy of a valid ID;

- e-mail ( attaching the request certified signed digitally;

- e-mail ( attaching the scan of the signed request and a valid ID.

The termination will be effective from 1st January following the arrival of this communication, without prejudice to the obligation of the payment for the annual contribution or fee for the current year for authors more than 30 years old.