Visual arts and literature

The works of visual arts (painting, scuplture, photography, graphic design, computer arts) and the literary works are protected by the OLAF Section (LWVA) (Literary Works and Visual Arts), that also offers services of registration of unpublished works and unrealsed software.



For works of visual arts SIAE exercise supervision of the right of reproduction of books, catalogs, magazines, posters, postcards,objects and various materials, DVD, CD-ROM, and television broadcasting rights and through the Internet.

The Section OLAF also follows the collection and distribution of the royalties for resale right due to the sales of original creations of the artist such as pictures, collages, paintings, drawings, engravings, prints, lithographs, sculptures, tapestries, ceramics, glass works, photographs, manuscripts and all the specimens considered as original works of art.

The Remuneration "resale right" is to be borne by the seller and is due for all sales, subsequent to the first, of an amountat least equal to 3000 euros which allow an art market professional to participate as a seller, buyer or as an intermediary.Transactions of galleries, auction houses or art dealers, are therefore subject to this right, while direct sales between private individuals are excluded.

For the literary works the SIAE administers the rights related to the reading, which is the object of acting in public, mechanical reproduction (on CDs, DVDs, CD-ROM etc.),  radio and television broadcasting and over the Internet.
The Section OLAF also follows the collection and distribution of the royalties payable by users (copy centers, copy shops, libraries, etc.) for the reproduction of works by means of photocopying apparatus, copy machines or the like (also called "Reprography").

Section OLAF keeps the sealing of the Special Public Register for programmes to process (established by Legislative Decree 12/29/1992, n.518) and ensures the deposit service of unpublished works(such as novels, short stories, poems, scripts,plots, screenplays or cinematographic subject, audiovisual works, format, software, data banks etc.), which can be contacted also by those not adhering to the SIAE.

Finally, at the request of the interested parties, SIAE follows the registration of works at the Copyright Office in Washington.
For information on such procedure and registration fees please visit the website of the Copyright Office in Washington.