The Cinema Section manages the rights concerning cinematographic and similar works (such as TV films, TV series and mini-series, telenovelas and soap operas, sitcoms, film inquiries in one or more episodes, TV documentary films and animation series) on behalf of the authors of the storyline, the screenplay and the direction, as well as on behalf of the authors of the translations and adaptations of the Italian dialogues of works originally produced in a foreign language.


The activity of protection concerns, in particular, the fair compensation management, granted to the authors by art. 46 bis author’s right law (L.n. 633/1941, and subsequent amendments), which the SIAE negotiates and administers on behalf of the authors. The agreements so far concluded relate to important users in both the broadcasting sector of the free national television (RAI, Mediaset, La7 and other operators) and in the pay TV (the edited channels from Sky, those of the Fox group, and the third party channels, present in the offer of the Sky satellite platform).

Fair compensation is cashed for video supports distributed in regular sales circuits or on newsstands, in combination with printed products, and Digital Service Provider that provide audiovisual works online, against payment or free of charge.
The section also takes care of the distribution of the authors of private copying video, payable to authors of works belonging to the administered section’s repertoire (Law no. 633/1941, artt.71-e / 71-og).

The Section also receives and pays off royalties -to those entitled- for the use abroad of cinematographic andaudiovisual works in Italy, in the context of the relations of mutual representation with foreign collecting societies. The allocation to the entitled remuneration received for any reason by the company for audiovisual repertoire is carried out every six months, according to the procedures and the criteria laid down by the annual breakdown published in ‘Bollettino Sociale’.
The tasks performed by the section also includes the keeping of the Film public register established by R.D.L. # 1061/1938. The Register provides a form of advertising-news for the registrations of the national production of films and for the records of disposals of the rights to such works, making up for the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism - General Direction for Cinema - the basis for the assessment of the granting of benefits for the production and distribution.

The Section is also entrusted with the monitoring of data on projections in cinemas.The data relating to the passages and receipts of film on the national territory are reported to the State and to those entitled (authors, producers, distributors), who so request, starting from the date of the first vision.