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SIAE is always looking for bright students from universities and conservatories throughout Italy.

How to start your career.

The training consists of a period of work orientation and training. It does not constitute an employment-based relationship, but consists of a formative measure of active policy allowing you to live temporary experience within working dimensions in order to facilitate direct knowledge of working sector.

How to activate and structure the training tool.

To set up an internship, an agreement is required between the promoter (Universities, High Schools - public and private –Board of Education, public vocational training centers and or orientation,  foundations of labor consultants, therapeutic communities and social cooperatives, working placement services for the disabled, private educational institutions non-profit organization) and the SIAE, accompanied  by a training  project drawn up by the host and by the trainee.

Types of apprenticeship

Curricular Internships, those included in a formal learning process carried out within the curricula of universities and educational institutions. This type of training is used to refine the learning process alternating school and work.

This category includes universities traineeships or other academic colleges authorized to release academic titles, school education which release titles having legal value, vocational training centers operating in the scheme of the convention with the Province or Region. The person who wants to start a curricular internship must be a student enrolled in a course of study triggered by those who promote the internship itself.

"Extra-curricular" internships; those aimed at facilitating the professional choices of young people in the transition from school to their workplace by training in a productive environment and through direct knowledge of work environment.

To the non-curricular internships category belong: the reintegration internships or work placement designed to enter or re-enter the workforce people without employment (unemployed and job seekers) but also workers in mobility.

The administration of the latter lies entirely with the regions. ISFOL published the "Manual of the trainee, a Practical Guide to ‘extracurricular internship", which provides information, advice and tips to choose, tackle, manage and make the most of this moment of training.

The curricula for traineeship’s activation can be done in different ways:

- Through the insertion of the curriculum vitae on the SIAE website after the registration;

- In the Region of Lazio, we use the JobSoul Work university orientation system, a public and free placement system, a collaboration between Universities of the Region in the other regions of Italy, through the portals of Universities dislocated in the territory.


Law of 28 June 92 2012

Guidelines on traineeships 2013

National guidelines on extracurricular traineeships

Law Decree of 28 June n. 76 of 2013

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Send us your spontaneous application accessing online services of the SIAEafter registering.

The SIAE agents perform -on the allotted territory, with organizational autonomy and means, outdoor activities for customers and for the SIAE users. They also maintain supervision and control over the performing arts industries, entertainment and in all areas under the agreements between the SIAE and public and private bodies. public and private entities.

These activities are made subject to the signing of the specific mandate contract, the remuneration of which, all-inclusive of the expenses incurred in the exercise of office,  consists of commissions on receipts and payments for other services conferred.

Only in the presence of "Active Selections"and recording using the Reserved "Online Services" of the SIAE site, the Curriculum Vitae  can be sent to with its application.

At the moment there are no active Selections.