Structure and organization

SIAE is the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers and, as such, it is managed by the Governing Bodies appointed and elected by its members.
The internal organization is coordinated by the Director General, with the task of directing, coordinating and organizing the executive and non-executive staff of the Society.
Besides its Headquarters, SIAE also has 10 regional offices, 28 local offices and 458 agents located all over the national territory.

Governing Bodies
The tasks and composition of SIAE’s Governing Bodies are regulated by the Society’s Statute. The Governing Bodies of the Society are: the Assembly, the Supervisory Board, the Management Board and the Board of Auditors.

The Chairman of the Management Board
The Chairman of SIAE’s Management Board is the legal representative of the Society; the Chairman convenes and presides the Assembly and the Management Board.

The Management Board
The Management Board dictates the Society’s governance and controls its carrying out by the Director General; it decides the policies to be adopted for pursuing the interests and the institutional goals of the Society; as well, it approves the distribution criteria of the royalties and the size of fees for the use of the works included in each section.

The Chairman of the Superisory Body
The Chairman of the Supervisory Body is appointed among the Directors elected by the Assembly; he convenes and presides the Supervisory Board itself.

The Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board decides upon the industrial and strategic plans of the Society drawn up by the Management Board, it decides on any possible modfications of the Statute and approves the budget and the managemet report submitted by the Management Board.

Advisory Commissions
Within the Supervisory Board, five advisory Commissions are appointed: the Music Commission, the Opera Commission, the OLAF Commission, the Cinema Commission and the DOR Commission. They give their mandatory but not binding opinion to the Management Board on the criteria for the distribution of royalties of and on the fees for the use of the repertoires assigned to them.

The Assembly
The Assembly is convened by the Management Board for the election of the Supervisory Board, whenever the Management Board thinks it necessary and whenever it is asked by at least one twentieth of the members having regularly paid their membership fee and representing at least one twentieth of the royalties distributed by the Society during the foregoing accounting period.

The Board of Auditors
The Board of Auditors is responsible for the financial control of the Society, according to what provided by the Civil Code (Art. 2403 bis and the following).


The Governing Bodies

The Supervisory Board
The Society has adopted an Organization and Management Model suitable for preventing crimes, according to the Legislative Decree nr. 231 of 2001. To such an end, SIAE has established a Control Body provided with autonomous implementation and control powers over the carrying out of what provided by the Model.

Gaetano BlandiniGeneral Manager

Born in Rome on 13 March 1962, Gaetano Blandini graduated in Political Science at the University in Rome.

In 1982 he started his career in the Public Administration, holding different different positions, among which Auditor by the Regio Theatre inTurin and the Foundation Emilia Romagna Teatro.

In 2002 he was appointed second-tier Executive of the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities and he was given the office of Executive Inspector. He was then appointed a member of the Board of Directors of Cinecittà Holding SpA. He collaborated at the drafting of the statute of the Italian Theatre Body ETI, the reform of the opera symphonic foundations, the new law for cinema and the decrees for the FUS (Unique Show Business Fund).

In 2004 he was appointed General Manager for Cinema by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and has been many times confirmed in this position.

Since 15 December 15 2009 he has been Director General of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers

Gaetano Blandini’s CV

Organigramma Gennaio 2018


Valeriano Chiaravalle
Paolo Corsi
Vittorio Costa
Mario Lavezzi (Pres.)
Cristiano Minellono

La Canzonetta Casa Ed. Musicale Snc - Francesco Saverio Fedele
Galletti-Boston Srl – Anna Galletti (Vice Pres.)
Music Market Srl – Massimo Benini
Universal Music Italia Srl – Claudio Buja
Warner Chappell Music Italiana – Roberto Razzini


Michele Alberico
Mariangela Barbanente (Vice Pres.)
Antonino Biocca detto Toni (Pres.)
Michele Conforti
Lucio Gaudino
Giovanna Koch
Nicola Lusuardi

DOR (Dramatic and Broadcasting Works) SECTION

Valentina Amurri
Linda Brunetta Caprini (Pres.)
Roberto Cavosi
Massimo Cinque
Riccardo Di Stefano (Vice Pres.)
Giovanna Flora

D'Arborio Sirovich Paola – Paola D’Arborio
Il Sistina Srl – Gianmario Longoni

OLAF (Literary works and figurative arts) SECTION

Paolo Fallai
Antonella Bolelli Ferrera
Glauco Benigni 

Giulio Einaudi Editore – Laura Piccarolo
Casa Editrice Libraria Ulrico Hoepli SpA – Giovanni Ulrico Carlo Hoepli (Pres.)
Gruppo Editoriale Mauri Spagnol – Cristina Foschini


Giorgio Battistelli
Luciano Cannito (Vice Pres.)
Ilaria Anna Narici

Edizioni Curci Srl – Laura Moro
Universal Music Ricordi Srl – Cristiano Ostinelli (Pres.)
Edizioni Suvini Zerboni Sugarmusic SpA – Alessandro Savasta

Domenico Luca Scordino

Danila Confalonieri

Maurizio Mandel

D.A. and Private Copy Executive Procedures
Alessandra Amendola

D.A. and Anti-piracy Agreement Licences
Maria Piera Saija


Matteo Fedeli

Agreements with users
Roberta Luise

Usages and Distribution
Nicola Migliardi

Fabrizio Zavagli

Musical Technician
Michele d'Alessandro

Customer Care
Giulia Giannella


Gaetano Blandini a. i.

Valeria Foresi

Raffaella Celentano

Andrea Marzulli


Sergio Maria Fasano

Radio and TV Broadcasting
Maria Cristina d'Harmant

Phonovideographic Market and Anti-piracy
Ida Di Lizia

Stefania Ercolani


Pietro Ietto

Territorial Coordination
Marco Caselgrandi

Inspection Coordination
Arturo Ciasullo

Debt Collection
Maria Paola Paolucci

Office in Bari (Apulia and Basilicata)
Office in Bologna (Emilia Romagna and Marche)
Office in Cagliari (Sardinia)
Office in Florence (Tuscany)
Office in Milan (Lombardy)
Office in Naples (Campania, Calabria and Molise)
Office in Palermo (Sicily)
Office in Rome (Lazio, Abruzzi and Umbria)
Office in Turin (Piemonte, Ligury and Valle d'Aosta)
Office in Venice (Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige)

Salvatore Spampinato

Valerio Rotondo

Administration and Control
Marina Nardi

Purchases and Logistics
Stefania Caponetti