SIAE Pension Fund

The Pension Fund for SIAE’s permanent staff is the body established in 1955 for providing supplementary pensions to SIAE’s employees.


Avv. Damiano Lipani (Chairman)

Avv. Gianluca Silenzi (Vice Chairman)

Avv. Raffaele Cappiello

Dott. Ben Hur La Posta


Cons. Cristina Zuccheretti (Chairman)

Dott. Paolo Cardinale

Dott. Silvio Salini


Dott. Valerio Rotondo 

Statute of SIAE Pension Fund


Note 09/05/2016 - Intervenuto invio documenti elettorali

Public Notice October 10th 2015 – Feedback of associate members on COVIP requests

Public Notice October 5th 2015 – Documents for benefits duty stamp exemption

Public Notice October 5th 2015 – Proof of Life 2015

Public Notice June 12th 2015 – Feedback on clarifications of the modification of art. 20 of the Statute

Public Notice March 31st 2015 –Down payment of the additional municipal income taxes 2015

Public Notice December 9th 2014 – Subsidized payment back of principals and interests

Public Notice September 30th 2014 – Proof ofLife 2014

Public Notice September 30th 2014 – Documents for benefits of duty stamp exemption

Public Notice FEbruary 25th 2014 – Letter sent together with the CUD (income tax statement)

Public Notice February 12th 2014 – Postal servizìce disruption

Public Notice January 21st 2014 – Reception timetable

Public Notice December 10th 2013 – Pensions Payment of the Christmas bonus

Public Notice October 29th 2013 – Pensions – Proof of Life- Useful information for the issue of certificates

Public Notice October 29th 2013 – Member registry – Request of contact details

Public Notice September 2nd 2013 - Pensions –Proof of Life – Expiry of the yearly communication

Public Notice August 28th 2013 – Pensioners’ Records- Withholding taxes –Amendments

Public Notice April8th 2013 – Information on the Fund Management


Final balance 2014

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tel: 0659902817-3588-3847
fax: 0659902340


Associazione Sindacale Pensionandi e Pensionati (A.S.P.Pe.)
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