SIAE Internationally

SIAE manages the repertoires of its members also outside the national boundaries, by means of representation contracts signed with over 150 Societies of Authors in 145 Countries all over the world. The office responsible for the negotiation and signature of said contracts with foreign Societies is the International Relations Department.

SIAE is a member of the most important international organizations dedicated to the protection, promotion of culture and the development of systems and synergies a for better global management of author’s right.

CISAC (International Confederation of societies of authors and composers).

SIAE is a member of CISAC's Board of Directors, a non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Paris. Established in 1926 for the protection of author’s right in the world, CISAC brings together 230 Societies of Authors belonging to 120 countries and represents more than 3 million creators of all artistic repertoires.

CISAC is committed to the dissemination of the founding principles of author’s right, in the promotion of the protection of the rights of the creators from around the world and in coordinating the activities of its members, also by creating of international standards which promote the exchange of information and data between the Company.

BIEM (International Bureau of Societies of the Registration Rights Management and Mechanical Reproduction).

SIAE is a member of BIEM, the Paris-based organization, composed of 51 companies representing 51 companies representing 120 countries in the field of mechanical reproduction rights and whose main purpose is to ensure the recognition and the effective protection of these rights through the negotiation of standard contracts with the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)which represents the Phonographic Industry to establish the conditions for the use of the repertoires managed by the Society of Authors.

is also responsible for ensuring the technical collaboration between its members.

 As a non-governmental organization, the BIEM represents and defends the interests of the cooperating companies in international institutions

GESAC (European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers).

GESAC, founded in 1990, with headquarters in Brussels, consists of 33 society of authors of the European area. It represents over one million holders of rights in the fields of music, Visual Arts, literary and dramatic, as well as publishers of musical works and audiovisual performances.

The GESAC exerts its function of promotion and protection of authir’s right echoing thelegitimate requests and expectations of the authors from responsible institutions of the European legislation, committed to deal with the changes due to globalization and dissemination of new technologies.

EVA (European Visual Artists).

The EVA, founded in the 1990s, with headquarters in Brussels, represents the interests of the society of authors of visual artwork.

It brings together 24 companies of the European area that manage the rights of about 100,000 creators of visual art works. Its mission is to facilitate access to works, create legal certainty and ensure that creators receive adequate remuneration for their work and a fair share of the profits from the exploitation of their works.

SAA (Society of Authors of Audiovisual Works).

The SAA, with headquarters in Brussels, represents the interests of the society of authors who manage the audiovisual works at European level.  The main objectives of the SAA are to safeguard the moral and economic rights of the authors of audiovisual works (Authors, screenwriters and directors), fair payment of these authors for the exploitation of their works, the development and , the development andpromotion of rights management by the society's members.

IFRRO (International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations).
The IFRRO, active since 1980, with its headquarters in Brussels,  operates to increase internationally the legitimate use of texts and images and to counter the illegal copying through the promotion of an effective rights management from the collective management organization that are part of it.

The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers is the founding partner of Fast Track and Armonia.

Fast Track is the company that provides the latest technology used at the base of the solutions of exchange data relating to musical works, media and entertainment industry.

The need for a new system to exchange and retrieve information and clear cataloging of the works of international repertoires- arises from the explosive growth of the mechanisms of digital delivery and the rapid expansion of musical repertoires among countries. Over time Fast Track has provided technical solutions to all major international databases, primarily with CIS-net, the CISAC community service that currently stores millions of works, and then with the work in support of GRD and ISWC, ISO standard through which you can uniquely identify a musical work worldwide.

Armonia  is an Economic Interest Group, created on April 30, 2013 at the initiative of the SACEM, SGAE and SIAE to simplify the issuance of pan-European licenses. Armonia is a single hub for the use of the repertoires that they represent, in line with the objectives of transparency and efficiency required by the recent Directive 2014/26 / EU of the European Union on collective management of copyrights.

SIAE intervenes for the management of the repertoire of its members even outside the national borders SIAE associates are protected in 145 countries worldwide, through contracts with more than 150 companies by foreign authors.

The reference point for the negotiation and conclusion of such contracts and relations with foreign companies is the International Relations Office of the SIAE.

Representations organized in Foreign Countries