Tailor made data processing

The Show Business Observatory can use its own data and statistics for offering a tailor made processing of them to Bodies, Associations and private individuals.

The creation of such reports is made by extracting the data the customer is interested in. They can be fully personalized according to the specified subjects of interest (attendance, number of shows, flows of spectators, prices at the box office, etc.), the territorial areas (town, province, region) and/or time contexts (solar year, months, three month periods) or cross-checking and comparison with the foregoing data. The data being so collected are then presented, along the analysis, according to certain criteria (kind of group of events, kind of event, venues classified according to their capacity, kind of macro-group of events, kind of show, kind of venue).

Whoever is interested in statistical tailor made reports can access the automated procedure for the calculation of costs.

SIAE makes its own price list and estimate automated system available to the public: by clicking on the button, it is possible to select the territorial context you are interested in, and, then, to choose the subjects, the time contexts and the criteria for data presentation. As regards data processing carried out outside the above said parametres, administration fees shall be applied.

To order personalized statistical reports, please contact the Statistics Office. Consult the Price List